Use Compact OS feature to reduce the size of Windows 10 OS


  1. I think that if you make sure that no data files are stored on the OS drive it’s IMHO useless compress system files; it always slowes down your OS

    I have a 110G Samsung SSD divided into C and D each 50G the 10G left is for overprovisioning, works like a dream.

    C is my regular OS (10586)

    D is my Insider Account OS (also 10586)

    You can tell Win 10 to send all user files to a different location

    All data etc are on my phisical 2nd HD: E

    I use A HDCaddy to replace my DVDDrive with the original drive that came with My HP Pavilion Laptop , 5 minute Job works great

    For the rest; keep on the good Work I am a fan of this Site
    I visit this site daily

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