WIMBoot or Windows Image Boot explained


  1. Anyone tried the software called ZIPmagic? I hear it’s DoubleSpace component doubles your SSD capacity by utilizing this WIMboot technology in WIndows 8.1.1…

  2. That is correct. ZIPmagic’s DoubleSpace works as advertised. It also does not require you to manually create Windows PE environments, WIM images, drop to the command line, or anything of the sort. In fact, you won’t even need external storage to convert your computer to WIMBoot (although, if you are recompressing a disk that you previously compressed – only then you will need it – DoubleSpace does support recompressing a previously compressed disk, again with WIMBoot). Please feel free to contact me directly (I am the author) for any feedback and questions. I hope you enjoy using DoubleSpace as much as I enjoyed building it!

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