Comodo Firewall Review – Free firewall for Windows PC


  1. I absolutely agree with your article on Comodo Firewall (now offered as the main component of Comodo Internet Security 2013 suite). I do have to increase the Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 64 bit pagefile to at least 6027MB to avoid BSOD with CIS use; but I’m in the USA Pacific NW, and earlier this year my ISP began setting all modems/routers (regardless of owners) so that ports 25, 80, and 443 respond “closed” instead of “stealthed”…I use CF as an extra layer to insure my PC itself blocks ALL incoming connections. Thanks for a great report!

  2. “Stealth” is best. Wonder why your ISP or for the matter, anyone would use “close”. What is the quality of routers? I have a cheaper router (Binatone, if you have ever heard of it) and it reports stealth.
    No doubt adding an additional layer of protection is best thing to do. And when it comes to security, CIS is good. My problem with it was the amount of resources it uses blocks access to other heavy use applications like Premiere and Draw etc. Also, an element of doubt goes to the life of computers I have (above five years). I think it is time to replace them as almost all software are now more complicated than their previous versions.

  3. PS: Did you say increasing the pagefile solved your BSOD issue with CIS? Or was it a precautionary measure? Because I faced it when I opted for default (complete) install on my Win 7 Ultimate.

  4. I have used Comodo products for many years now and I have found them to be absolutely fantastic. I do agree that Comodo packs in a lot of extra features and for us in the I.T industry does get annoying. But for a general user they are fine and GeekBuddy works well to help people out with an infected PC (and how many of your friends computers have you looked at that is mightily infected because they don’t know what to do.)

    I have never had an issue with any Comodo product (except for one update in version 4 that sent my CPU maxing out, but that was fixed with another update an hour later.)

    All Comodo needs to do is offer the extras first via the installer without having to customize the installation and have a mouse over help window explain what each extra does.) I proposed this to them in the beta channel and I was surprised that a lot of other people wanted the same, so who knows what they will do for the future, but in concluding, it is the best (CIS) security solution out there at the moment.

  5. Increasing pagefile was not precautionary; when going to reset it, I saw Windows was at default of 4025 MB, and recommending setting to 6027 MB; I then at first thought to set it at 12GB (3X installed RAM), but found scaling it back to what Windows recommended (6027MB, 1.5X installed RAM) works just as well in keeping away BSOD from CIS (though older versions of, say, GMER can BSOD but from poor handshakes while reading registry policed by CIS/other anti-malware, ala race condition).

    Per my router, it’s an ISP-provided SMC Networks router with internal “aerial”; it doesn’t even appear at SMC website last I checked, so probably old stock! However, interestingly, somehow my ISP has ONE way of accessing and setting routers/modems (and “stealth ports” is always chosen/saved at its gate installed into ANY router); here, it won’t matter how I upgrade router; at best, ISP answer if any is usually in nature of “um, a glitch, we’re working on it” (BTW, they used to have ipv4/ipv6 Teredo NAT tunnel, but since last Winter offer only ipv4, saying ipv6 will be back by next Winter. In light of PRISM, one might conjecture that until MAC addresses over ipv6 here are traceable, somebody needs to tap in and see if your MAC matches what goes out from your IP…but that’s conjecture as to cause. This “3 ports closed” at router has continued even after clean erasing/re-installing Windows, and no other partitions are active, so it’s not coming from PC malware infection.

    My last “windy” comment: you’re so right about software outpacing older units; the Acer 5736Z dual core with 4GB RAM/2.30GHz CPU, made 3 years ago and which I’m commenting from, could even load and use full Autodesk Maya components and dependencies, as well as other prof-grade art/video/photo/GFX softwares…today, it still has a few abilities while evolving VFX/GFX software requires more power, but it would cost more to convert PC to NVIDIA/Intel supercards and such than it would to buy new units already at state of the art.

  6. Thank you for taking time out to clear up things. I will try with an increased pagefile again to see if I still get BSOD. Probably that also has to do with the problems encountered after removing the extras.

  7. The Comodo blog said they were depending more on behavioral analysis which I guess means learning mode. But thanks for pointing it out. I will double check the information with someone at Comodo.

  8. Plugging the product but I have to work hard to find a link….hmm…….hmmmmm…, forget it!

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