Cloud Computing Jobs and Skill requirements

While the term cloud computing has been around for a while, the last seven years saw a major increase in employment related to clouds. There are two categories of employees when it comes to the cloud. One is the cloud service provider. The other is the cloud service user. While cloud service provider uses coding and hardware personnel, the users are generally more marketing people, database administrators, and managers. If you want to join a cloud service, here is how to get a job in cloud computing.

Cloud Computing Jobs

Cloud Computing Jobs

First of all, you need hands on experience on one or more skills required in the cloud computing field. Some experience in cloud services combined with knowledge of programming languages used for coding will be enough to get you started in the cloud computing sector.

Cloud Computing Skills – Amazon Web Services (AWS) & Azure

Most of the Internet uses Amazon Web Services (also known as AWS Cloud) for their cloud purposes. Learning AWS is necessary to get an entry into the cloud ecosystem. You need not learn all the of AWS beforehand because most organizations tweak it to suit their purposes. But the basics such as navigating, control panel, etc. are a desirable experience on resumes applying for a job in the cloud computing sector.

AWS offers a plan that doesn’t charge you anything. The plan offers few always free products and some products that will stay free for a year. allows you to create a free account. If you scroll down the same page, you can see certain resources available for learning AWS and AWS programming. You may use those resources along with the free account, or you can join classes that offer AWS in the curriculum. Most cloud preparatory courses will sure include AWS Cloud.

Since a considerable fraction of cloud services also employ Azure, it is desirable to check out what is Microsoft Azure and how it works. It is not mandatory always. The requirement depends on where you are applying. If they use Azure, they’ll specifically call for candidates having some experience in Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Computing Skills – Python, Java, Rails

Python is the most preferred language when coding for cloud systems and when building web-based apps. It is also used with huge data sets as well as with artificial intelligence. In other words, Python can be used in all three emerging fields – IoT, AI, and Big Data. These elements often form the base of cloud computing, and hence Python is perfect for the cloud computing sector.

Java is an easier language, I am told. Likewise, Ruby on Rails is preferred for many online services including GitHub. Aspirants for cloud computing jobs need not go into depths of these two languages but should know enough to list them on their resume. Good knowledge of Python will give you an edge when applying for cloud computing jobs.

Agile Project Management

Though there are several project management systems available, people swear by Agile in the cloud system. It allows making changes to small or tiny portions of a project and test them without affecting the project much. Agile project management environment is also a must on your resume, even if it refers to basic, theoretical knowledge.

DevOps for job in cloud computing

Speaking of Agile, we cannot ignore the culture of DevOps. Development (Dev) and Operations (Ops) of software brought together is DevOps. There are many entities available for implementing DevOps.

Puppet helps in AWS automation and thus saves the time of people engaged in handling any cloud-based project.

Chef is used for analysis of data sets across the enterprise. Chef is also used for the automation of tasks. If you have a good experience of Chef, you’ll have the development and operations side covered.


Cloud often means virtualization. Working knowledge of VMware is also a desirable skill when preparing for a job in cloud computing.

The above is not an exhaustive list of things you need to learn to get a job in cloud computing. There are still many cloud computing skills existing and used by organizations around the world. The ones listed above are the famous ones. You can check out local job listings for cloud computing jobs and see what skills each organization is asking. That will give you an idea of what the local cloud computing providers are looking for. The above list of skills required for cloud computing jobs are most in demand and used mostly by known corporate houses.

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