Microsoft Azure Media Services Analytics and its features

Most organizations and enterprises these days prefer video to use as a medium to train their newly hired recruits and engage with customers. Cloud computing therefore has assumed great significance. It simplifies the task of storing, streaming and accessing these large media files as there is no limitation of storage space. However, as the video content library builds up, equally effective means for extracting relevant videos to create more meaningful, personalized content should be available to take the business to the next level. To address these needs and others, Microsoft offers Azure Media Analytics service.

Microsoft Azure Media Services Analytics

Microsoft has been developing a set of services for speech, face and emotion recognition for quite some time, previously known as “Project Oxford”. These services have now been bundled together in a single pack called as Microsoft Cognitive Services. All of its components are now made available to Azure Media Services and branded as “Azure Media Analytics”. It makes video searchable and more accessible to users by indexing its content.

Microsoft Azure Media Services Analytics

The key services that are part of Azure Media Analytics include:

  1. Indexer Hyperlapse
  2. Motion detection
  3. Face detection
  4. Emotion detection
  5. Optical character recognition.

Indexer Hyperlapse

It’s one of the most prominent features of Azure Media Analytics service that produces smooth timelapse from unsteady camera footage. Its prominent attribute- image stabilization generate short, attractive clips out of long and shaky footage captured via drones, action cameras or handheld devices.

Motion Detection

Helps you cut down unnecessary time spent watching the useless video. For instance, Microsoft’s software can pick out when there’s significant motion in a scene with stationary backgrounds while cutting out false positives like repetitive motion.

Face Detection

Helps detect people’s faces and their emotions, useful for aggregating and analyzing reactions of people attending an event.

Optical Character Recognition

The feature is capable of extracting text that is displayed in the videos. This finds immense use in building a smart search engine for videos which has texts in bulk.

Apart from these, Azure analytics has  Indexer tool, which automatically creates an index of everything said in a video or audio recording and video summarization tool, which finds the most important parts of a video without having to go through the whole thing. The latter feature, saves you both, time and efforts from scrolling through hours of footage to find the most interesting bits.

All of these features of Azure Media Analytics can help enterprises or organizations get valuable insights from video to create more personalized video content. Read more about on Microsoft.

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