Choose Apps to show Quick Status on Windows 10 Lock Screen

When you start your Windows 10 computer, on the lock screen, you will be show notifications from some of your apps. They could be detailed or short status updates. You can choose which Apps should show quick status, detailed status and notifications on the Windows 10 Lock Screen.

Choose Apps to show Quick & Detailed Status on Lock Screen

Open Settings > Personalization > Lock screen to open the following window.

Choose Apps to show Quick Status

Here, click on the icon under Choose an app to show detailed status and select one of the options.

Next, under Choose apps to show quick status click on the e’+’ icons to show various app options. Click on the one’s you want, one by one. You can set up to 7 apps to show quick status.

Once you do this, you may close the System settings window. The next time you boot Windows 10, you will see the app icons in the bottom right corner of your lock screen.



In this way, you can show, notifications, reminders, alarms, and more on the lock screen. This is just one of the many Windows 10 Tips and Tricks we have covered.

While on the subject of lock screens, there are ways where you can change the Windows 10 Lock Screen, if you don’t like the default one.

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  1. Ramnik

    Which version of Windows 10 are you using? Home or Pro? In my case, I can’t seem to get that many options for Quick Status. Weather, Get Office and Mail are missing. Any ideas how to enable them?

  2. I am using Windows 10 Pro.

  3. picpic

    Same here, quick status are not working. Simple as that. Lock screen only shows date/hour by default,nothing else.

  4. James Rufer

    I’d like to have the alarm app show up on the lock screen like in 8.1. As of now, I have to enter my pin to unlock Windows so that I can turn off my alarm.

  5. The little envelope icon at the bottom left of my lock screen has a number 12 next to it, what does it mean?

  6. There are 12 unread messages in your Inbox. 🙂

  7. I saw someone else asked this question and got the same answer and my reply is the same as theirs…None of my email accounts have any unread messages in them. How would I check these messages then?

  8. Mark your Junk folder too as “Mark all as read” and see if that makes a difference. In that case maybe even the unread Junk count is being displayed.

  9. I cleared everything out of all my mailboxes, junk and everything and now the icon is gone.

  10. john hanna

    How do you turn off the xbox app in the quick status chooser in Settings -> Lock Screen?

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