Check if your Windows PC can run a Game or Program

Computer games are undoubtedly a compulsion, and this addiction helps people get rid of stress, works as a part of amusement and pass time. There are predominantly two ways to play video games. First, you can purchase a gaming console. And second, you can play games on your Windows PC. If you utilize the second option, it is recommended to confirm the system requirements for a game before buying or installing. This post will assist you to know more about system requirements for a game and a source to look for the requirements for any game you want.

Check if your Windows PC can run a Game or Program

Every single computer game or program has its own “minimum” system requirements and “recommended” system requirements. As the names define, the minimum required system will let you play a game, but you may confront numerous issues like freeze, hang, etc.

For instance, the FIFA 15’s minimum system requirement is Intel Core 2 along with 4GB RAM and NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 or AMD Radeon HD 5770. It is possible to install and run FIFA 15 on a PC having such configuration, but users will surely encounter various problems throughout the game.

Consequently, it is recommended to have more than what it actually necessitates running a game (more than minimum system requirements). To check the system requirements for a game, you may head over to the official website of that specific game, where typically developers publish the desired configuration that PC. Having said that, if you wish to check out the system requirements for multiple games and want to know whether your PC will run the game or not, you can fall into trouble considering that the official website will not likely show you the requirements for “any” game.

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Check system requirements for any program or game

System Requirements Lab is a website, which helps users to check the minimum system requirements as well as recommended system requirements, which can run the game without any serious issue. You can ask for the required configuration for any game, and it will show you the result right away. The most exciting thing is that it comes with a dedicated Windows app that can run behind the scene and help you to know whether a game can run on your PC or not.

Can You Run It website

First Method

Head over to the System Requirements Lab website and search for a game. Let’s say you want to know the system requirements for Dota 2. For this, just write down Dota 2 in the search box and hit the “Can You Run It” button.

Check if you can run a game on your PC or not

Following that, the popup will ask you to select one option between two. Just select “View Requirements” option and click on “Start” button.

Check if you can run a game on your PC or not-2

It will show you the system requirements for that game immediately. For some games, you cannot find the Recommended System Requirements since they can run on almost all low-end PCs. However, for some games like FIFA 15, Battlefield Vietnam, etc. you will get both types of requirements.

Second Method

In this case, you will get the confirmation message if your PC can run a game or not. You do not have to know your own PC configuration. The Desktop App of System Requirements Lab will automatically detect your configuration and let you know the result.

Go to the website and search for the game. This time, go with the first option aka “Desktop App” from the popup menu.

Check if you can run a game on your PC or not-1

It will download a small app. Install it and launch it after installation. It will take a few moments detect your system and get the result.

If your system is enough to run the game, you will get a positive message. However, if your system doesn’t meet the minimum system requirements, System Requirements Lab will show you all the upgrades you need to run that game.

Visit the System Requirements Lab website to check if you can run any game or program.

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    I wanted to know if I could run A Hat in Time in my 6yo laptop before getting it and the second method worked great. Thank you.

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