Office 365 System Requirements

If you are looking for Office 365 System Requirements, then this article will help you. Microsoft recommends that you to use the latest versions of Web Browsers, apps and Office clients to have the better experience of Office 365 and install the latest updates to the software whenever they are available.


Although Microsoft does not recommend that you use the older versions of browsers and clients, it still provides support as follows, as long as that software is being supported by it’s manufacturer.

  • Office 365 will not restrict you to connect to the service.
  • It will provide security fixes when needed, but will not offer any code fixes related to those clients.
  • Quality of the user experience will decrease as the time passes.

Office will only support software with the service which is being supported by it’s manufacturer and not any other software.

Office 365 system requirements

Let us look at the Office 365 system requirements in detail.

Web browsers: Internet Explorer

Office 365 works with the latest version of Internet Explorer or immediate previous version of it. It also considers the older version, but users may experience little issues and limitations based on IE version.

Internet Explorer 9: Office 365 does not offer the code fixes if you are facing any while using the service and quality of the user experience comes down. More over new Office 365 does not work at all.

Internet Explorer 8: Even for this, quality of the user experience starts diminishing and Office 365 does not offer code fixes. User using IE 8 also experiences problems with sending and receiving mails with Outlook Web App especially when used with devices with low memory or Windows XP.

If your organization is using IE 8 or IE 9, it is recommended to upgrade to Internet Explorer 11 to have the good experience with the service and it also supports backward compatibility for legacy Web apps.

Web browsers: Firefox, Chrome and Safari

Microsoft recommends using the latest or immediate previous versions of Firefox, Chrome and Safari Web browsers. It also supports the version supported by the browser’s manufacturer. However, these browsers get update regularly, resolving the problems of the previous update.

Operating System Requirements

Office 365 does not specify any particular requirement for Operating System, but you need to use the OS which is being supported by it’s manufacturer. Anyhow, advanced Office 365 configurations, features, options, scenarios and tools are dependant and behave based on the Operating System you use.

Office Clients in mainstream support

Office 365 works with any version of the Microsoft Office present in mainstream support. Office 365 provides you the latest versions of Office desktop applications like Word, Excel and PowerPoint. New features are also available with the older versions of Office which are in mainstream support. Office subscription software licenses allow you to use the latest versions of the software. During the upgrade period, you can use both latest and previous versions of the software.

Mainstream support for Office Professional Plus 2010 ends on October 13, 2015 and for Office Professional Plus 2013 ends on April 10, 2018.

Office Clients in extended support

Office clients in extended support do not work with Office 365. Microsoft will notice, if the user experience is diminishing and the Office client is not able to connect to Office 365 service. You can make use of the workarounds and how-to information provided by the Office 365 support whenever needed if you are using the older clients, but Microsoft recommends you to upgrade the clients to the latest to have the good experience of the service.

Office 365 recommends that it’s customers accept automatic updates from Microsoft to be secure and to have the good experience of using Office 365. Based on Service Pack Support Lifecycle Policy, you need to install Office Service Packs within 12 months of it’s release.

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  1. Alan Wade

    My Windows 2 machine is running Office 364 and a half quite well using I.E. 3 and/Firefox 2.4

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    I am using a PC while my wife just started using a MAC; can we share the same excel files on office 365?

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