Change default Tab closing behavior in Firefox browser

Mozilla Firefox browser by default switches to next tab when you close the current tab. This default behavior is not preferred by users who have multiple tabs opened and would want to access the last tab after closing the current tab. An extension that can manage this viewing order of opened tabs or allows customization can make the browser much more logical for use. Select After Closing Current is a Firefox Add-on that will help you configure which Tab to select after closing the current tab. It helps you change the processing rules for a closing tab.

Select After Closing Current Firefox add-on

Firefox users might have found, after closing a tab that is currently selected, the browser automatically moves the focus to the next tab on the right. Select After Closing Current Firefox extension can change this default behavior and configure settings to select the preferred tab instead.

The options available currently include,

  1. First/Left/Right/Last tab
  2. First/Left/Right/Last unread tab
  3. Last accessed tab
  4. Parent tab (Firefox 57 or later)
  5. First/Left/Right/Last sibling/child/unread-child tab (Firefox 57 or later)

All you need to do is go to this page and hit ‘Add to Firefox’ button. Thereafter, simply open Add-ons Manager page view the pre-set options. If you would like to change this, scroll down a bit to configure settings.

For instance, you can choose how the extension can be updated. Three options are available as seen in the screenshot below.

  1. Default
  2. On
  3. Off

Select After Closing Current

Please note that when using the shortcuts to close the current tab, only the entries corresponding in the selection order are considered. As of now, Select After Closing Current supports five keyboard shortcuts. Once defined, you can assign each shortcut to a particular rule.

Change default Tab closing behavior in Firefox browser

You can use the up and down arrow buttons to move a rule and change the order of all rules in the process.

Change default Tab closing behavior in Firefox browser

Select After Closing Current Firefox extension has one shortfall. It has options that seem confusing. Plus, the extension restores original behavior i.e., it starts switching to the right tab and then moves to the left tab. This is mainly because Firefox 57+ compatible extensions cannot access Firefox’s internal working, so the browser’s default selection cannot be prevented. This extension, however, fixes it quickly afterward.

Let us know if you find it useful using this Firefox addon.

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