Cathy: A free CD – DVD indexer for your Windows PC

Got a huge collection of CDs and you don’t remember in which CD – DVD what it was? Get a free CD – DVD indexer and one of the better CD – DVD indexing software is Cathy. Cathy is very light, portable and of course a free CD – DVD indexing program for your Windows computer. What it does is just pick up names and formats of files and saves them into .caf file. It  indexes the CD – DVD totally, including the folders and saves then into on single .caf file for one CD – DVD.

Free CD DVD indexing program

Using Cathy, you can index your whole collection of CD/DVD in just seconds and you can search between all those or you can browse the DVD without inserting it in your drive. You can also search through all .caf DVDs and get all the information about where the file is present and in which DVD.

You can browse your indexed DVD without any problem. All the folders use blue font color and the files use a black font color.

The indexing process is very easy – you just need to go under the ‘Catalog’ tab and select the drive you want to index, give it a name and your comment and click on ‘Add’. The freeware will start indexing. It may at times show a ‘Not Responding’ message, but don’t worry, the software is still doing its job. Once the job is done,  your DVD/CD will get ejected. You can now see your indexed DVD on your screen.

You can search your files in different DVDs from the search tab and browse the DVD by going to Catalog tab and double clicking on any indexed DVD.

Cathy is portable you can carry it along with you and even you can carry all the saved .caf files with you.

Cathy is very fast, as on my PC it indexed an 8 GB DVD in about 15 seconds only. The size of .caf saved by Cathy is not  high, as it indexed my one of the 8 GB DVD into a 19 KB file and one into a 157 KB file. The size of the application is even not so much it is only 60 KB. Remember you can’t open the file, as it is only indexed and not copied.

While the interface of the application is quite user-friendly, some may not like it as it has a spread-sheet look and appearance.

Click here to download Cathy from its home page.

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    Good program, just what i was looking for. Thanks.

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