Can’t connect to Xbox Live; Fix Xbox Live Networking issue in Windows 10

After the introduction of Xbox Gaming feature in Windows 10, it has come a long way with the further introduction of Game DVR, Game bar, Broadcasting, Game Mode, and True Play. Games which support Xbox Live connect with their services just like Xbox Console service.

Can’t connect to Xbox Live

It may so happen, that Xbox Live services might not be working, which will result in either slower experience, or you might not be able to play the game altogether. This is applicable to both Single Player or Multiplayer scenario. It is possible that you might not see your Xbox Live Achievements getting unlocked even when you have done it.

Fix Xbox Live Networking issue in Windows 10

Can't connect to Xbox Live

Go to Settings > Gaming and switch to Xbox Network section.

If you see something odd, click on Check Again button under server connectivity.

When you see an issue, click on Fix it button. The silent wizard will start fixing issues. Remember it will only resolve those issues which are within the scope of PC.

You will see a tick mark when it’s complete.

It is possible that this may not work everytime you have an issue.

This section troubleshoots the following:

  • Connection status: It includes check on internet connectivity and Xbox Live services status.
  • Performance: Here you get details on Latency and Packet loss. Both are important for multiplayer.
  • Xbox Live multiplayer checks with NAT which is important for games which are played on different networks or are geologically separated.

Like you can see in the screenshot above, I got an error, “Teredo is unable to qualify, your PC is unable to obtain a Teredo IP address.” Teredo is a networking protocol which is important for setting up secure communications between clients and servers.

It facilitates connectivity between devices behind routers that use network address translation. Without a Teredo IP address, you’ll be unable to use party chat or do multiplayer gaming on Xbox Live. Thre could be multiple reasons for this.

  • It is possible that your network is blocking the Teredo protocol.
  • There can be an issue with your Teredo adapter
  • There’s software installed on your PC that’s disabling Teredo functionality.

Microsoft also suggests to check for service alerts here on the Xbox Live Status page – or see if an Xbox Live service alert appears at the top of this page. If there is a service alert, wait until the service is back up and running, then try to connect.

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