Cannot update Windows Experience Index in Windows 7/8


  1. Navigate to the following folder: C:WindowsPerformanceWinSatDataStore

    In the DataStore folder, select all of the .xml files & delete them.

    Now re-run the WEI assessment, and see if it helps.

  2. this it for win8 ? not for windows 7 can someone please help how to fix this prob in windows 7 😉 thanks

  3. I have a completely new install of W7 x64 (done yesterday) and upon investigating the same problem I find I do not have the key mentioned above in the registry. Doing a search using the find option brings up no results. The only parts contained within HKEY_CURRENT_USER SOFTWARE Policies Microsoft Windows portion are the following;

    Current Version
    Tablet PC
    Windows Error Reporting

    No alterations have been made to the registry at all since installation. Any suggestions about this would be helpful. I would prefer to find an answer for any future times rather than just blitz the problem out of existence by reformatting and reinstalling.

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