BullZip PDF Printer Free: Create PDF documents from Windows applications

Conversion of a Word document into a Portable Document Format or PDF is an important feature that all of us frequently need. PDF is independent of the operating system, hardware and application software. Hence, all we have to do it to simply convert the Word document into PDF and it opens on any other computer without any problem. Of course, the other computer must have a PDF reader to read it!

BullZip PDF Printer


For converting a Word document into PDF, a PDF converter is required. The market is flooded with plenty of freeware converters that work on the Windows platform. The number is so huge that you can spend hours and hours together in testing and comparing their features. Finding the right freeware that fits your needs can be a painful and tiring process. BullZip PDF printer is one such freeware that exhibits useful features that will end your search for the suitable PDF converter and printer.

How it works:

The application is pretty simple, straightforward and fast. It creates a Virtual Printer in the operating system. This virtual printer utilizes Ghostscript that transforms a Word document into the PDF format. You then get an option to print ‘PDF’ in the ‘Print’ window. It creates PDF files from the system’s print menu – and hence the name PDF ‘printer’ and not ‘converter’.

How do you install it?

The installation process is quite simple and straightforward; just like the application itself.

When you click on ‘Download’ tab, a window pops-up asking about saving or running the file. Once saved, you can go for the ‘Installation’ process. By going through various pre-installation steps, the setup starts installing the application on your system.

Do remember to uncheck some options which would otherwise install 3rd-party AVG software. During installation, the installer will also offer to download the required Ghostscript and Xpdf files, which you may allow.


When the application is installed in your system, you can now convert your Word documents into PDF’s.

To do so, simply select ‘Print’ option (or Ctrl+P) and a normal ‘Print’ window will appear. Select the ‘BullZip PDF Printer’ from the list of printers appearing in the window. Then select ‘Print’. Your Word document will be saved as a PDF file.

Features of BullZip PDF Printer:

  1. BullZip PDF printer is simple and fast. Hence it is very useful for the casual users.
  2. In BullZip PDF Printer, you can specify the security level for the created file like any other PDF converter.
  3. The other features consist of application of watermark. This is a very suitable feature when creating exclusive documents.
  4. You can also merge the created PDF page into other PDF files. The output can be appended to the top or bottom of the existing PDF file.
  5. You get high-quality PDF output at no cost.

If you are looking for a freeware for PDF converter, the BullZip is a good pick. This free software works very well with Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 platforms, and you can get it here.

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  1. hackerman1

    If you have “Word 2010”: it has a built.in “PDF-creator”, so you don´t need any 3rd-party software.
    Select “Save as”, select “PDF” as filetype, and then you have a PDF-dokument.
    I thinks this also works on Word 2007 / 2013.
    I don´t have those installed so i can´t double-check right now.

  2. Harerton Dourado

    Word 2010 PDF conversion isn’t always perfect. That’s why I also have Bullzip.

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