Resize, Decorate, Add Borders, Frames and Watermarks to images with BorderMaker

Some time back, I had talked about GIF Animator, a simple application that lets you can create animated GIF files easily. The application is small and free from all junk found in giant application. Today, I will be discussing an application called as BorderMaker.


Border Marker is an interesting, small image editing application, packed with many amazing features, you could probably not expect in such a small application. It takes hardly any time to install. Its features include image resizing, decoration, borders, contrast and sharing. This application will let you develop professional looking images in seconds.

When you launch the application,  you will see is this window,  four controls on the top and three at the center.

  1. Source
  2. Settings
  3. Destination.

Resize and Decorate Pictures

Step 1: Load the image from your PC, by clicking the browse button. Click the “Preview” button to check the loaded image.

Step 2: After the image is loaded, move to the “Settings” section. This is the actual place that has bunch of features. Here you can add images color contrast, crop, add text, watermark and borders just by simple clicks and control drags.

Step 3: You can use BorderMaker to upload images to your FTP server. It has the FTP upload option under its “Destination” Tab.

BordeMaker Features:

  • Resize photos in seconds
  • Frame photos
  • Text and Titles
  • Watermarks
  • Share your photos

Well, there are many photo editing applications available – some large and some featured packed. BorderMaker can be handy at times where you can get things done without much navigation. The interesting part of this application is that it lets you Live Preview the changes you make while editing. It is a well designed software, with an easy to use interface and many advanced features not commonly found among similar freeware apps.

Here is a short demonstration video to see how BorderMaker works.

You can download BorderMaker from the developer’s website here. We are sure that you will like this freeware for Windows, Mac and Linux.

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  1. Dyeunice

    This is a great little program. Although most of my editing is in PhotoShop, this program finishes it off..and very well.

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