Block a sender or contact from sending emails in Gmail or

If you are receiving too many spam emails from different senders who may be in your address book, here is how you can block emails or a contact in Gmail and within moments. You can  block someone, who is sending unnecessary deals, or any other spam messages in Gmail or Outlook. You can easily block email addresses who send you spam. This post shows how to block a sender or contact from sending emails in Gmail or

Block a contact from sending email in Gmail

Gmail offers an option that allows people to block someone right from the Gmail user interface. When you block someone in Gmail, all the emails from that particular sender will be moved to “Spam” folder. Hence, your Inbox folder will be clean and spam free.

The primary difference between blocking someone and marking an email as spam is if you mark an email as Spam, the sender can still be displayed in your Inbox folder. However, if you block someone, the sender cannot be found in the Inbox folder unless or until you unblock him/her.

To block someone in Gmail, log into your account with valid credentials and open an email that has been sent by the person, who you want to block. Then, click on the arrow or More button that appears next to the Reply button, which is visible next to the date/time. You should find an option called Block “sender_name.

How to block contact in Gmail and Outlook

Click on that option and select Block in the popup window. Following that, all the email from that sender will be moved to Spam folder from Inbox folder.

If you want to automatically delete all the email from a particular sender, you can create a filter for that.

How to unblock a contact in Gmail

In case you have blocked someone mistakenly, or you just want to unblock someone for any reason, you can open the Settings and go to Filters and Blocked Addresses tab. Now, you can find an Unblock option next to the blocked contacts.

You need to click on that.

Block a sender in

Like Gmail, you can block a sender or contact in If you block someone in, all the email from that sender will be discarded permanently. You will not find them in either JUNK or DELETED folders. This command would be executed automatically. Also, the sender will not be notified regarding the block.

To block someone in, open the Outlook Web App, select an email sender/email that you want to block, and click on the Block button visible on the top menu bar.

After clicking on the Block button again, the sender will be blocked automatically.

How to unblock a sender in

If you want to unblock someone or manage blocked contacts in, you need to open the Options > Junk Email > Blocked sender. Alternatively, you can open this page directly.

Block a sender or contact from sending emails in Gmail or

Select and contact you want to unblock and delete it.

Hope this small tip helps you keep your Inbox spam-free!

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