BitDefender Security Scanner and Registry Cleaner


  1. There are a lot of applications that just provide a UI for basic and advanced Windows 7 settings. People need to learn their operating system and not rely on third party software so much.

  2. I agree with Fish. This app is NOT free, and is just a scareware. It should be BANNED from this site.

  3. “Also good if you, need a basic and a safe registry cleaner.”
    From what I’ve been learning in the past there isn’t any such thing as a safe registry cleaner.

  4. Definitely ‘Scareware’. It didn’t acknowledge my firewall or anti-virus. If you don’t have Bitdefender installed, it tells you you’re unprotected. BS!

  5. Hi, Sorry for the delay in replying – I was travelling.

    I had checked the tool with my default Windows 7 firewall and NOD32 antivirus, and the results are what you see in the screen shot above in the post.

    Anyway thanks to all your inputs, I am adding a word of caution in the post.

  6. As has been previously said this is nothing but scare-ware.

    After downloading and running I was told that my Comodo firewall was NOT running. IT IS!

    I was told that there were two (2) dll errors related to Firefox and Thunderbird.Missing dll’s – —\plugins\NPSWF32.dll
    No action taken regarding these “errors” as both programs are working perfectly without these dll’s

    Click repair and taken to page on internet that offers bit-defender download\purchase.

    Stay away from it as this is nothing but an underhand (sleekit – a good Scots word that describes underhand and devious actions). Bit defender must be getting desperate to resort to this type of action.

  7. McAfee maded a similar tool named “McAfee Security Scan Plus” that is nothing more than a way to say “you need to buy our product tobe safe”. Bitdefender is following the same path, scare you to force a sell.

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