Best free Math game apps for kids on Windows 10 PC

Convincing a child to practice mathematics is a difficult challenge. Parents and teachers are tired of inventing new ways to encourage kids to study mathematics. Even adults tend to forget elementary level math because we depend too much on the mobile phone calculator. We all need to practice more mathematics. The good news is, mathematics can be fun.

Best free Math game apps for PC

Mathematics games encourage both children and adults to keep in touch with the subject. Here are some Math game apps that will help your child enjoy the subject:

  1. Kids Games Learning Math Basic
  2. Maths Game
  3. Preschool ABC Number and Letter Puzzle Games
  4. Kids Learning Maths
  5. Guess the Next Number
  6. Kids Preschool Numbers and Math
  7. Maths Puzzles
  8. Math Workout
  9. Math Learn Game
  10. Maths with Cats.

In fact, people of various age groups can enjoy while brushing up their math skills.

1] Kids Games Learning Math Basic

Best free Math game apps for kids on Windows 10 PC

This app is vibrant and colorful. It makes mathematics fun with everything children are curious about. It has colorful fish, jumping frogs, dolphins, rainbows, and all the good things. This app needs roughly 42MB of storage space. It has all the necessary functions including but not limited to counting, addition, subtraction, decimal places, and multiplication. Download this absolutely free app here. Enjoy teaching preschool level kids. Choose from over 10 different languages.

2] Maths Game

Maths Game

This game from Pixotri Technologies was released in September 2015. Since then, it has been assisting people of various age groups in improving their cognitive skills. The interface of the game is as candid as the name itself. The time trial feature is what makes this game fun. You can get this app at the Microsoft Store for free. Download it and get your brain cells tingling.

3] Preschool ABC Number and Letter Puzzle Games

Preschool ABC

This app is available on the Microsoft Store in 18 different languages, including English, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. This is a comprehensive app that teaches both mathematics and the alphabet. The app has various puzzles to help nurture young minds. It helps children learn numbers and letters in a fun way. It also helps develop memory and cognitive skills. The app supports HD retina display even in its free version. There are a plethora of puzzles in the upgraded version, but the free ones are good enough for preschoolers.

4] Kids Learning Maths

Kids Learning Maths

The app is exactly what the name suggests. It helps kids learn mathematics. Emobi Technologies released this app in August 2017 targeting kids aged between 5 and 10. The app teaches counting, measurement, and simple calculations. Download the app here to help your kids fall in love with mathematics and never fear numbers. The app is available for both PC and mobile devices.

5] Guess the Next Number

Guess the Next Number

Enough about kids. Adults too have math problems, and DamTech Designs understands that. They developed a very light app of about 8MB and made it compatible with both mobile devices and PCs. Find the app in the Microsoft Store if you are looking for a fun way to prepare for competitive exams like the GRE, SAT, or CAT. This app is perfect for improving aptitude, practice logical sequences, and enjoy brain-teasing numeric riddles.

6] Kids Preschool Numbers and Math

Kids Games Learning

This one is from the publishers of the first app on this list. With all their math apps, Greysprings Software Solutions aims to create a friendly bond between mathematics and children. The target demographic of Kids Preschool Numbers and Math is children of 2 to 5 years old. This app helps build the foundation in mathematics. Download this app here and let your child play with hanging fruits and hopping frogs in a way that makes them learn and love mathematics.

7] Maths Puzzles

Math Puzzles

This fast-paced mathematics-related puzzle game app has four different modes of gameplay. All of them are easy to understand and very enjoyable. This app is not only for preschoolers. Even adults who seem to get confused about simple calculations can benefit from this Chimpi Games app. All you need to do is visit the Microsoft Store and download the app for free.

8] Math Workout

Math Workout

This app was released in 2018. It has already built a reputation for being too fast for some people. If you find other math games boring because they are way too simple, download this one right here. Enjoy the fast-paced workout. Train your brain to focus and think quickly. This app might not be the best app for a child to begin mathematics lessons with. However, anybody who wants to brush up their calculation skills will love it.

9] Math Learn Game

Math Learn Game

Another one from Pixotri Technologies, this one has three levels; Easy, Medium, and Hard. Hence, users of any age group can enjoy this app. It is compatible with PCs, mobiles, and hub. Download it from the Microsoft Store and enjoy unlimited questions on a very user-friendly interface.

10] Maths with Cats

Maths with Cats

We kept the best one for last. This app is as cute and fun as it sounds. Download this game right here if you like cartoon cats. However, the game is more about mathematics than cats. It is a timed game. Also, you can play in combat mode for more fun.

All of these apps are fun and educational. Take your pick.

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