Best free Email Finder tools for effective marketing

Email is an important and effective channel to build a strong relationship. It is a productive way to foster business and boost efficiency. However, most of the people are not willing to divulge their personal or business email address to all just to avoid unsolicited junk mail that can spam over the entire email system.

Best Free Email Finder tools

Email Scouting is not an easy task. Fortunately, to make your search easier, there are several apps and extensions that will help you to find anybody’s email address at your fingertips. In this article, we round up some of the best email finder software that will help you in the process of growing your market and sales.

  1. Clearbit Connect
  3. Norbert
  4. Email Hunter
  5. GetProspect.

Email is the most sought after way to reach out to people. It plays a vital role to expand your business as well as personal bounds. However, if you want to reach out to a lost friend or a hard to reach professional person, you might have encountered trouble prospecting for their email addresses.

The free versions of most of these allow you only 50 searches free every month.

1] Clearbit Connect

Clearbit Connect is a free extension for Gmail and Outlook that helps you to get in touch with people right from your inbox. This extension helps you to search for companies, people, and email details. They are extremely simple to use. To use this, all you have to do is type the name of the organization whom you are trying to connect, and the extension instantly displays the related contacts. The extension also allows you to search by job title, name, role, location and, find details about their social profiles and email address. Clearbit Connect works well with Outlook and Gmail. To get started, install the Clearbit and connect your email. Get this extension here.

2] is a yellow page of an email. This simple email finding software tools help you to find the email address of professionals across the companies right from your Chrome browser. The Findthat tool is the most sought after tools for recruitment, sales, business development, press and Content Marketing to find email addresses of the professionals and reaching out to them. The tools allow you to search for 50 email address per month free. Get this tool here.

3] Norbert

Norbert is a useful email finding software tool that helps you to find anyone’s email address within no time at your fingertips. It is a go-to medium for people looking out to do email outreach and campaigns. It is an excellent tool to search corporate emails in order to reach real people. Norbert works for Chrome, web as well as Gmail and allows you to find fifty leads for free. The results are accurate and built for scale with an up-to-date database of B2B contacts. Get this tool here. It offers only 50 free leads.

4] Email Hunter

Email Hunter is a web-based tool to find the email address of anyone that matters to you. To find the email address all that you have to do is to type the domain name in the search tab. The extension will display the list of all the people working in that company with their email addresses that are found on the web. The Email Hunter allows you to find 50 email searches for free per month. Get this extension here.

5] GetProspect


Get Prospect is an efficient way of finding the email of any people whom you want to reach it. It extracts the list of emails, employee position, company name, website, LinkedIn profile URL, company size, phone number, and much more based on the input you give in the search box. Get Prospect is n easy to use a tool offering a simple interface that keeps track of all your prospects. It systematically groups your extracted profiles into lists, integrate your prospects to apps like LinkedIn, Gmail, etc. and export the contacts to XLS files. The tool allows you to find 50 email addresses for free on your Web and Chrome. Get this extension here.

That’s all.

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