Best free Email Backup software for Windows 10

Most business owners understand the importance of securing emails. Some email servers cannot carry more than a certain quantum of emails. In other cases emails might not be secure on the server, thus making it necessary to download them to a computer.

Free Email Backup software for Windows 10

One option to do so it by mapping the emails on your system’s Outlook client and downloading them as a .pst file. However, since Outlook is a part of the Microsoft Office package, it isn’t a free software. Even more, some users would prefer to store their email backups in formats other than .pst.

The other easier method is to use a free email backup tool for the purpose. Here is a list of the top 5 email backup tools:

  1. Mailstore Home
  2. KLS Mail Backup
  3. Gmvault Gmail Backup
  4. Upsafe Gmail Backup.

1] Mailstore Home

MailStore Home

Mailstore Home is an easy-to-use email backup client that can map emails from servers like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Microsoft Exchange Server, Mozilla sea monkey, web mailer, IMAP accounts, POP3 accounts, etc. You could use it to backup your emails on both internal and external storage devices. More than one email accounts could be mapped with the Mailstore Home application.

2] KLS Mail Backup

Email Backup software

KLS Mail Backup is a simple, yet powerful email backup tool. It supports email backup and restore for your Windows Live Mail, Messenger, Outlook Express, Mozilla Thunderbird, Firefox, etc., profile files. The software creates archives in the form of ZIP files, which makes them easier to handle for you. KLS Mail Backup also allows full and incremental backups.

3] Gmvault Gmail Backup

Email Backup software

While other free email backup tools are easy to use, they might not necessarily encrypt emails. This is where the Gmvault Gmail Backup comes to use. The cross-platform software works primarily with Gmail accounts. It works through a command line interface, and you could instruct the software using commands like sync and restore. The software could be downloaded from its official website. The freeware works on all versions of Windows including Windows 10.

4] Upsafe Gmail Backup

Gmail Backup

The Upsafe Gmail Backup tool is an excellent software for backing up emails from Gmail. It lists all the backups in a tabular format, thus making them easy to sort for you. The backups can be scheduled, and they can be uploaded to the cloud storage of your choice. In short, Upsafe Gmail Backup is an excellent tool for cloud storage.

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