Best Battery monitor, analytics & stats apps for Windows 10

The purpose of buying a laptop gets defeated if its battery is not up to the mark. Rather, one of the primary parameters while selecting a laptop is the battery life. A fact to be noted is that battery life depends more on how you manage battery usage than the brand alone.

Battery monitor, analytics & stats apps for Windows 10

Overcharging the battery, recharging the battery when it isn’t fully drained, etc. impact the life of the battery. Monitoring its parameters from time to time could help you act on time and save the cost of replacing the battery.

  1. Save Battery
  2. Battery Pro
  3. Pure Battery Analytics
  4. Battery X
  5. Battery – Free
  6. Battery Usage
  7. Battery Tile
  8. Battery Alarm
  9. Full Battery & Theft Alarm
  10. Battery Notifier Pro

Here is the list of best apps to check battery analytics available on the Microsoft Store:

1] Save Battery

Battery monitor, analytics & stats apps

Save Battery is a wonderful application which helps you trace all necessary parameters of your battery. It keeps a check on the battery percentage, power status, time remaining for the battery to die out, and battery full charge capacity. Interesting, the Save Battery app also displays the speed at which the battery is draining out. It notifies the user whenever the battery is low or getting overcharged. Timely action on these notifications would help a lot for maintaining the battery. Read more about the app on the Microsoft Store here.

2] Battery Pro

Battery Pro

The Battery Pro app has been manufactured by the same manufacturer who created the Save battery app. While it isn’t as popular as its predecessor yet, Battery Pro has many added features. It helps you monitor every parameter of the battery and notifies you whenever the battery is low or full. The app could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

3] Pure Battery Analytics

Pure Battery Analytics

If you want to check the exact condition of your battery, this would be the best app for you. Pure Battery Analytics is a complicated little software. However, it displays every possible parameter associated with your battery, even those which aren’t necessary. The USP of this freeware is that it helps in downloading the reports for the battery. This way, you can precisely analyze the condition of the battery, how much it has deteriorated, etc. Check more about the app on the Microsoft Store here.

4] Battery X

Battery X

Battery X is an excellent software for those who wish to analyze the condition of their battery in depth. It lists the status of the battery charge, rate of charging, time of the last charge, etc. But more than anything, it has a section to display statistics, including weekly statistics of the battery’s charging time and consumption. It would help you understand the usage of the battery and correct it for better performance. The app is available on the Microsoft Store here.

5] Battery – Free

Battery - Free

Just like a doctor checks for your health and resolves problems related to it, Battery – Free checks your battery’s health. It is a comparatively simple application, though it has less to offer. The freeware checks the battery status and notifies whenever it’s low or overcharging. Other than this, the app has icons to control the location, airplane mode, Bluetooth, mobile data, etc. directly. Battery – Free can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

6] Battery Usage

Battery Usage

The Battery Usage app displays the battery level and notifies whenever the battery is low or overcharging. It displays the statistics of the battery in the form of a graph so it could be checked easily. While the app has less functionality, it is light and easy to install. If you like this software, grab it from the Microsoft Store here.

7] Battery Tile

Battery Tile

Battery Tile is similar to every other product in this list, except that it can be integrated into your lock screen. So even if your screen in locked, you can check the battery status. However, it doesn’t have many functionalities, except for notifying of the battery status. Battery Tile is available on the Microsoft Store here.

8] Battery Alarm

Battery Alarm Free

While other apps notify users whenever the battery is overcharging or low, the Battery Alarm apo rings and alarm. This way, you would rarely miss on removing the power plug whenever the laptop battery is fully charged. To know more about this app, check it on the Microsoft Store here.

9] Full Battery & Theft Alarm

Full Battery and Theft Alarm

The Full Battery & Theft Alarm app is another product from the manufacturer of the Save Battery and Battery Pro apps. It is a highly customizable app which rings the alarm for low battery, hight battery, theft, etc. You can choose the battery strength at which the alarm would ring using its settings. The app is available on the Microsoft Store here.

10] Battery Notifier Pro

Battery Notifier Pro

While a new app on the Microsoft Store, Battery Notifier Pro has a perfect 5-star rating by whoever has used it. It would notify you whenever your system’s battery is fully charged. Though Battery Notifier Pro is a very basic app, it is light and fast. The app could be downloaded from the Microsoft Store here.

Hope you find this list useful.

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