Best free Basketball game apps to play for Windows 10

While Basketball has its own craze worldwide, the NBA has made it one of the primary sports in the US. Some prefer to play it on the ground; others are happy watching it. But a third class loves to play it without stepping out in the open, on the PCs. The thrill and sessions remain the same, though you might become a couch potato.

Best Basketball game apps

Here is a list of top 5 Basketball game apps for Windows 10.

Basketball StarsTop 5 free basketball game apps for Windows

A fairly popular game, Basketball Stars is one of the rare basketball game apps which use real 3D graphics. You have to dribble and shoot. Targeting right is counted as a win. As easy as it sounds, the game is no less realistic, with the players resembling actual NBA stars. The player is expected to show skills, fakes and other moves to dodge his/her opponents and score baskets. The best shot is usually a clean shot which carries 3 points. The game is available at the Microsoft store here.

Big Head BasketballBig Head Basketball

Unlike the usual team game, Big Head Basketball puts the user in a one-on-one scenario. So, the gameplay involves two players; one is defending while the other is shooting the ball. The winner is the one who does his/her job right. Players can choose amongst 20 characters. Earning power cards gives the player special powers, so they have the upper hand over their opponents. Another way of gaining an advantage is to buy coins, obviously if you find it worth. Grab the game from the Microsoft store here.

Bouncy HoopsBouncy Hoops

Bouncy Hoops’ gameplay involves scoring baskets before the timer ticks off. With music playing all the while, the throw towards the basket is all about how good the player is with understanding the projectile motion. The game’s background keeps changing as you advance through the levels. From a hill to a city to a forest, the arenas keep getting snazzier. Get the game from the Microsoft store here.

Cannon Basketball 4Cannon Basketball 4

This game has a slightly different concept where the player has to shoot the basketball with a cannon instead of his/her hands. However, it isn’t simply a game of projectiles for the route to the basket has many obstacles which need to be overcome. Succeeding with Cannon Basketball 4 is more about practice than skill. The game could be downloaded from the Microsoft store.

Dunk Hit UWPDunk Hit UWP

Dunk Hit UWP is a really fun game where the basketball is on fire. The intensity of the streak signifies the intensity of the ball. When cooled down, the ball is slow. Get this amazing game from the Microsoft store here.

Which one do you like?

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