Backup, Restore, Migrate Oculus Rift game and other directory files with vrBackupper

vrBackupper is a completely free software for Windows PC, developed to backup and restore Oculus Rift and its games, apps, etc. It can also move Oculus Rift installation directory to other drives instead of system drive to avoid low disk space problem. vrBackupper ensures Oculus work normally after restoration or migration.

Backup, Restore, Migrate Oculus Rift game files

Oculus Rift is arguably one of the most preferred VR systems along with HTC Vive. Oculus also has one of the best gaming catalogs and the in-house content creation is exemplary in nature. While playing Oculus Rift games can be a seamless experience the storage woes will haunt the users. vrBackupper is a free tool which is particularly designed to backup and restore Oculus Rift along with its games, apps, etc. The best part is that it can move the Oculus Rift installation directory to other drives as opposed to the default “C”.

vrBackupper for Windows

Well, the first question that pops up in our mind is why to use the tool/app in the question. Oculus players have always been perplexed by the possibility that their gaming progress will be lost once restarted or the Oculus Rift is reinstalled. While this might not happen on a regular basis the possibility cannot be ruled out completely.

vrBackupper is able to backup your VR game configurations which will include saved game progress, in-game level, equipment, and gold. The best part is that the feature will still work despite the Rift being installed on other computers and even when you migrate the files to another drive.

vrBackupper makes shifting your Oculus VR stuff to another computer easy and will also help you save on precious storage space on “/C” drive. Additionally, this will also save you from the trouble of downloading the game again and this can help you save some money especially if you rely on a limited broadband connection.

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Installation and Features

It’s a typical installation – just download the executable file from the download link at the end of this article. Unlike some of the other game, backup tools the vrBackupper is not complicated to understand and comes with features that are clearly earmarked on the UI.

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Backup or Restore Oculus

The tool can be segregated into two main sections, one to Migrate Oculus Installation another for backing up and Restoring Oculus.
Migrate Oculus Installation lets you move the Oculus installation from one directory to another location on the same computer so that Oculus can continue to function without a hitch. The “Source Location” is automatically selected while the “New Location” is your preferred destination for the installation files.

The backup feature is quintessential especially after considering how fragile installation and user data files can be. Users can backup Oculus installation directory and backup the files in the desired folders. One can also choose the “Only backup games and apps in Oculus installation directory” this will ensure only the games and the related directories are backed up. Also for safe keeping, you can keep on uploading the backup files on the cloud.

In a nutshell, the vrBackupper is a no brainer if you use Oculus Rift, it helps you save on C drive storage, migrate the installation and data files to other folders, backup all the files regularly and also have an option of restoring the same.

Here is the download link if you want to install it on your Windows computer.

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