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Amazon Prime fails to load on Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge is the default web browser of choice on Windows 10 and loved by some users. Now, when it comes down to using a web browser, we tend to consume a lot of media with these things, and Edge […]

Code Compare lets you Compare and Merge Source Code

When it comes down to writing code, there will come a time when programmers will want to compare different pieces of code. Not everyone will have the right tools to get this done in the most efficient manner. Therefore, some […]

How to block a program from accessing the internet using ProgCop

Blocking applications from going online is something that is possible by default in Windows 10 via the Windows Firewall software. While you can allow or block a program using the Windows Firewall, using free tools like OneClickFirewall or ProgCap makes […]

We couldn’t get your latest saved data

We couldn’t get your latest saved data – Xbox One error

Some users of the Xbox One video game console have been experiencing a particular problem where they are unable to boot a game. From what we’ve gathered, whenever they make attempts to start a game, the error “We couldn’t get […]

Outlook.com is not receiving or sending emails

Some users of the popular online email service, Outlook.com, have been complaining as of late about a problem where Outlook.com is no longer receiving or sending emails for some strange unknown reason. To be completely honest, we’re not sure of […]

How to install Microsoft Expression Web 4 on Windows 10

When it comes down to developing and publishing a website that is feature-rich to the core, most folks would likely prefer to take advantage of the likes of WordPress and other competing platforms, and that is fine. However, what if […]