How to use Apple Magic Trackpad with Control Panel on Windows PC

Now you can use Apple Magic Trackpad with Control Panel on Windows PC with Boot Camp. It’s a small utility which lets you use this amazing device with your Windows 7 PC.

Using Apple Magic Trackpad on Windows PC

Using Apple Magic Trackpad on Windows PC

Here is a small tutorial on how you can use your Trackpad to do magic with Windows.

  1. Download the update (Drivers) for 32-bit Windows operating systems or 64-bit Windows operating systems.
  2. The files are enclosed in a .zip file. Double-click BootCamp_3.2_32-bit.exe for 32-bit Windows systems or BootCamp_3.2_64-bit.exe for 64-bit Windows systems.
  3. A permissions dialog appears, then click Yes.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions to install the update.

The Multi-Touch trackpad supports different gestures depending on the operating system you use. Refer the chart given below in regard to learning about the differences.

Once you have Apple Magic Trackpad on your Windows 7 PC, the default Mouse properties are useless now. The trackpad gestures or speed cannot be customized in Windows, and thus here the need arises for the Magic Trackpad Control Panel.

Magic Trackpad Control Panel is a wonderful tool and allows you to set the tracking speed, double-click speed, and scrolling speed of the Trackpad, and can be used to change both one finger and two finger gestures.

Download the Control Panel application and install it. It is not officially developed by Apple and currently in its beta version but works like a charm in Windows.

Now extract the downloaded zip folder and run the padset-0.3.exe file (It will automatically initiate and installs, as it doesn’t have any UI) and then run Trackpad Control Panel.exe file and let it installs successfully.

After successful installation, a small icon in the Taskbar notification area will appear. Right-click on the icon and select Show Customize option to view Magic Trackpad Control Panel settings.

If you choose the One Finger Gestures, then you will find options to enable/disable Tap to Click, Dragging, Drag Lock, and Secondary Click. For the secondary click, you can choose the Bottom Right Corner or Bottom Left Corner position.

In case if you choose Two Finger Gestures, you will find options to enable/disable Scroll and Secondary Tab.

So, do share with us, your experience of using Apple Magic Trackpad on Microsoft Windows.

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  1. Shdieddd

    Thank you soooo muuuuuchhhh!!!!!!!! I finally can use my Mac Trackpad on Windows 7 Yeah! Thanks! ^_^

  2. Dylan MacDonald

    I am using Windows 7, Enterprise Edition: I can’t get the pairing code prompt when I try to add the Magic Trackpad as a bluetooth device. Any ideas why?

  3. Cliff

    Dylan, use “0000” as the passcode. I set it up this way and it works beautifully.

  4. Chris Brashear

    This is great! Can you reverse the scrolling direction?

  5. Enzo

    Thank you !!!!!!!

  6. Lazbing

    Works , except I can never save the settings… always says ‘Program padiset-0.3.exe not installed’ when Apply hit on the control panel even when it is installed. Pain.

  7. JM

    Is this supposed to work with Apple Magic Trackpad 2? I can’t get it to work.

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