Alt-Tab Terminator enhances the default Windows ALT-Tab functionality

Windows as an operating system rose to popularity since it was one of a kind that was easy to use and yet offered the desired functionality. If you are a Windows users, it is very likely that you are familiar with shortcuts like Ctrl+Alt+Delete and Alt-Tab. In fact, Alt-Tab is a super useful shortcut since it lets you switch between different application with relative ease. Alt-Tab Terminator is a free software that improvises on the native shortcut and adds a layer of additional features.

Alt-Tab Terminator for Windows

Alt-Tab Terminator for Windows

Apart from optimizing, the Alt-Tab functionality the Terminator also improves the intuitiveness. After installing the Alt-Tab Terminator, one can see an overlay of programs along with their respective titles on the interface. I personally felt that switching between the apps was seamless and a shade faster than the native Alt-Tab feature.

One can use the mouse to navigate or can also use the keyboard shortcut. The screenshot above depicts how the Alt-Tab switcher would transform after installing the Alt-Tab Terminator. As one might have noticed the Alt-Tab Terminator works by displaying a single snapshot while pushing the others to a Tab-like menu. What this also means is that one would be getting larger previews of the program. Anyways the tiny snapshots on the native Tab switcher are pretty useless.

Alt-Tab Features

Alt-Tab Terminator works on both 32-bit and 64-bit of Microsoft Windows and is a pretty light program if you ask me. Moving between the open programs is done by using Alt-Shift-Tab and also by using the mouse to navigate. As I explained earlier the title bar or the Tab Bar is quite useful. It lets you stack a large number of programs, and the complete description will help you contextually.

Furthermore, a right click on the tab will reveal a context menu that will allow you to close, minimize, maximize, restore and also terminate the program windows. All the functionality on theĀ  Alt-Tab terminator comes mapped to a keyboard shortcut. It may take a while to get the hang of it but once you do the things are pretty neat.

Moving on, the program also bakes in a slew of customization options. For instance, one can enable or disable the Alt-Tab with the hotkeys. With this in place rest assured that the Alt-Tab Terminator would only open when you use to invoke it by using the keyboard shortcut.

Another nifty trick is that you can close the programs one by one by pressing the F4 multiple times. Moving on, the Alt-Terminator also offers a couple of interface options. It allows you to disable the large icons on the sidebar and this is aimed at making the sidebar compact. Speaking of compact, Alt-tab Terminator also comes with a compact mode that strips the program title listing and also reduces the size of the icons. Moreover, users can change the size of the interface and choose between medium, large, small and also a dedicated full-screen mode.

Wrapping it up

The Alt-Tab Terminator proved to be a handy program. I used it for a couple of days and switching between applications was a breeze. Meanwhile, there is one thing I would like to highlight, apart from the extra features the program has to offer, it also packs in a bucketload of customization options and a clutter-free UI, for me personally this is a big upside. If you are a power user like me and open several tabs at once, the Tab-Alt is Terminator is a must have. Get Alt-Tab Terminator from here.

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