Allow access to your Online Account without giving away username, password

If you need to share your online accounts, including social networking accounts, with someone you trust completely, you can do so using a Google Chrome extension called AccessURL. This AccessURL Chrome extension will allow another person access to your Online Account without you having to give away your username and password – and you can set the time limit for the access.

Allow access to Online Account without giving away credentials

You have to realize that this is quite risky and so you should do this only if you need to share your account with someone you trust 100%!

To get started, launch Google Chrome browser and install the AcessURL.  No AccessURL account is required to share your online account. Once you activate this extension, you will find a new button on the browser toolbar.

Now navigate to and open your online account that you want to share and sign in. Then, click on the AccessURL icon. You will get some options like these:

allow access to Online Account

Here you can choose the expiry time. You can choose either 24 hours or 1 week or Never. It is not recommended to select Never as then, the person will have your account access forever. After choosing an expiry time hit the Create Access URL button.

You will get a URL that you need to send to the person who wants to access your online account.

The recipient needs to use Google Chrome to use that link. Otherwise, it may not work properly.

If you have shared the access URL with someone, and now decide to block that person from accessing your account, you will have to log out using your Chrome browser. This will take away the access from that person.

If you feel the need to share access to your online accounts you can download AccessURL from here.

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