Age of Empires: Castle Siege is a huge disappointment

There’s a cool game we like to play, and it is called Age of Empires: Castle Siege. We first began playing this game on mobile little over a year ago but stopped early on. However, we got back in again to see what have changed, and we’re going to talk about them.

For those living under a piece of rock their entire lives, Age of Empires: Castle Siege is an RTS game for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile. The game is based on the popular series, but it is quite different since this one was designed with mobile and micro-transactions in mind.

Age of Empires: Castle Siege

Age of Empires: Castle Siege

It is one of those games where it is conceived in a way that will frustrate players in hopes they will spend some cash. We hate these type of games because there isn’t a limit on how much a person can spend.

A regular video game costs $60, but if you’re a new player who comes in and spends $60 on items, you still won’t be able to build a base and compete at the same level when compared to a player who has been playing for six months but never spent a dime.

It’s one of those games where the developers do not care if you spend $1000 on micro-transactions, as if any one game is worth that much.

But let’s talk more about the game instead!

Age of Empires: Castle Siege is around 550MB in size on the desktop. Once installed and launched for the first time, it will require your Xbox Live account to log-in and to play. This game is constantly online, so bear that in mind before jumping in.

Once fully in, players can begin building their base. Players will need to build walls for defenses, farm among other things to boost the economy, and hire soldiers to attack other players and defend the base. It might sound fun, and it is, but the fun aspect quickly went away after you’ve got a good thing going.

Each time the player upgrades, the next upgrade takes longer, and it is more expensive. If a player wants to upgrade his or her Keep, they may find that it will take 2-days, and that is two real world days. Now, who wishes to be waiting around for 2-days for something to upgrade in a video game? Not most people, and that is where the micro-transaction comes into play.

Don’t want to wait for 2-days? Finish the upgrade this instant with 500 Gold. Don’t have 500 Gold? Purchase some from the store.

Probably the best aspect of Age of Empires: Castle Siege, is the multiplayer feature. Players can forge alliances with others to strengthen their base. Members can of the alliance and share soldiers with each other to help defend their bases, and to help attack enemy bases. It is even possible to communicate with players via the chat menu.

What about gameplay?

We’re sorry, there’s no real gameplay here. Everything is automatic, and that’s a big problem. If a player is attacking an enemy base, soldiers move to where they please. While it is possible to guide them, it becomes a problem after they have finished an objective because they’ll be off doing their own thing again.

The whole system becomes a massive headache when controlling different units at the same time. It makes it difficult to come up with a solid strategy on the fly if the enemy base is well defended.

Overall, this game is a disgrace to the Age of Empires line of games. I do not recommend it unless you have a lot of time and or money to waste.

The Age of Empires: Castle Siege game is available for download from the Windows Store.

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  1. Eddie Corrales

    Hey man, your articles suck. Yes i created an account just to post your suckyness… First!

  2. Vamien

    Is it the articles or is it because my opinions differ from yours? Gaming related opinions always seem to hit a nerve among the fan base.

  3. Eddie Corrales

    I found this website a few months back. I read a lot, and your articles became incommodious with time and shows lack of experience you have with the software/hardware. Almost to a point where ill avoid this website. I do like some but spending more time with product and gathering other opinions, then creating your own assessment would serve you best.
    p.s. i wasn’t in the best place, so sorry for the direct insult… Best of luck 🙂

  4. Vamien

    The article clearly states how long I have been playing this game. If that is not long enough, then what is? Your argument is weak, hence why I believe you’re just a troll.

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