Advanced Windows Service Manager: A smarter Windows Services Analyzer

In today’s world, malware has become more and more smarter. So as users, apart from installing security software, we have to be proactive and search for better defenses again them. I have reviewed a lot of security-related software that do specific task. Advanced Windows Service Manager is a similar tool. It is only designed to check to any security threats buried under Windows Services. So let’s talk about what sets this tool apart from built-in Windows Service Management Console, as well as other similar software.

Advanced Windows Service Manager

Advanced Windows Service Manager

According to the developers the tool is equipped with detection of Malicious or Rootkit Services, Automatic Threat Analysis, Service Filter mechanism, Integrated Online Virus or Malware Scan on so on. So you may think – why does Malware want to pose as a normal service? The main reason is that when malware pretends to be a Local Service it can get the highest privilege and can cause more damage to your system.

The tool includes a nice little feature to Scan Online, which will cross-check with online virus database like Virus Total, Process Library, Google etc. and give us more accurate result. With this online scan feature you really can reduce the false-positive’s rate.

I’ll list the features that this application offers according to the developers.

  • Smarter Detection of Hidden Malicious/Rootkit Services
  • Sophisticated Auto Analysis
  • Online Malicious Service Scan
  • Service Filter Mechanism
  • Color based Threat Representation
  • Sort Feature based on threat level
  • Right Click Context Menu for quick actions
  • Advanced HTML/XML Report
  • Fully Portable

The usage of the application is very simple. You just need to open the application with administrator’s privileges, select the type of services from the Selection box and click on Refresh button. Now you will find the services classified as Dangerous, Suspicious, Analysis or Normal in different color codes.

You can right-click on the service and choose to Start or Stop Service, Enable or Disable Service, Online Scan, view Properties, etc. You could also export an HTML/XML Report.

You can download Advanced Windows Service Manager from here.

You might want to also check out our freeware SMART, a utility for tweaking Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP Services.

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  1. ninjaface

    Might be safe to download this, but their other main programs are all password decrypters, a little bit of a red flag to me.

    AIM Password Decryptor v2.5
    Asterisk Password Spy v3.0
    Browser Password Decryptor v6.0
    Browser Password Dump v2.0
    BSNL Password Decryptor v1.0
    Bulk LM Password Cracker v1.0
    Bulk MD5 Password Cracker v1.0
    Bulk SHA1 Password Cracker v1.0

    ….. and I got tired of copy/pasting, but you get the idea.

  2. Juhax69x

    I have used few of tools of that site and I trust them. Like I said: They provide tools. Definetly great to have, when You really need those, when working as system administrator or similar… And when worker had quit and example encrypted all his work files before leaving. Example on that situation, You really appreciate those kind of tools… And cigarettes…

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