ConsoleZ is a Command Prompt enhancement tool for Windows

Command Prompt or CMD which is used as command line utility in all versions of Windows is considered to be one of the most powerful utilities of Windows. Although the console does not offer many customization options, a free tool lets you do so easily. In this post, we will learn about ConsoleZ which can help you make the console accessible and more productive. You can add tabs, themes, and more to Command Prompt with ConsoleZ, which is basically a nice and simple front end for a shell of your choice viz. cmd.exe, 4NT, bash, etc.

ConzoleZ comes in a zipped file and takes not more than a minute to land on your PC. You don’t need any installation. Just download it and run Console.exe. With a simple interface, the main overview says all. The fully-featured toolbar has the buttons of adding new tabs, shifting to the tabs, and renaming the tabs. Adding multiple tabs lets you work n more projects simultaneously.


Click on the + sign in the ribbon and it will add a new tab – or you can click on File and select New Tab. While all new tabs will be named as ConsoleZ by default, you can rename them anytime from the Rename option on the ribbon. You can add, attach or detach, rename, or clone the tabs.

Besides adding new tabs, ConsoleZ also brings the options of splitting the console view horizontally or vertically. Click on the split tab directly or go to ‘Edit‘ tab and select Split Horizontally or Split Vertically from the drop-down menu. Shortcuts for Split Horizontally and Vertically are Ctrl+Shift+O and Ctrl+Shift+E respectively.


It offers a full-screen view as well as a new Search box. Thus, you don’t need to scroll the window to look for a detail. Just type the key in the Search box an you are good to go.

Some other salient features of ConsoleZ include-

  • Grouping views (so input sent to one goes to all of them)
  • Windows Vista aero glass theme
  • Windows 7 Jump list
  • Windows 8 wallpapers on dual screen
  • Zooming with Ctrl-Mouse
  • Quake style console animation
  • Strict mono-space font rendering
  • Settable opacity of text background color
  • Typographic ligatures
  • Snippets

Overall, ConsoleZ is a simple and nice application which lets users customize the Command Prompt utility. It is a portable application and can be stored in a removable storage device and you don’t need to install it on your PC. It doesn’t affect your system registering and leaves no effect on your PC’s performance. ConsoleZ comes with a graphical user interface and has shortcuts for almost every function.

You can download it from Github.

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