Add line numbers in Word 2013 Document

Which line am I on?, I wonder at times while creating a document in Microsoft Word 2013. This very thought pressed me find a way for adding line numbers to Word 2013 and realize the importance of doing so in the first place.

Line numbers find their potent use in research papers and other sources where they help you pick important points from the readings. Word 2013 has the feature built-in. One can use it and place at appropriate site in the article.

Add line numbers in Word

Besides adding, customizing the line numbering too is possible. It’s quick and easy! Assuming you have the document (to which you would like to add the line numbers) opened, head to the Page Layout tab of Word’s Ribbon interface and click ‘Line Numbers’.

Adding line numbers in Word

From the drop-down menu, select Line Numbering Options.

Line Numbering option 2

Instantly, you will be directed to the Page Setup window. Here, make sure you’re on the Layout tab. If not, choose the tab and click the Line Numbers box appearing at the bottom of the window.

Line Numbering option window layout tab

You will see a new box popping up with many fields left blank.

Add line


Enable the feature and then proceed to configure line numbers in your document. Options include

  • Number to start with
  • How far the numbers should be positioned from the text
  • The increment by which numbers will be displayed, and
  • If you prefer to restart line numbers on each page, each section, or use a continuous numbering scheme from the start of the document.

Once you’ve chosen the desired options, press OK to close the Line Numbers window and OK again to close the Page Setup window.

That’s it! You’ll should see that your document has the line numbering configuration you chose.

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