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Add Jump List, Tasks and Categories, to pinned sites in Internet Explorer 9 easily

We have seen how to pin website shortcuts to Windows 7 taskbar and start menu. This post shows you an easy way to add Jumplist items like Tasks and Custom Categories, to your WordPress blog, for Internet Explorer 9.

IE9 Pinned Site is a WordPress addin that adds support for Internet Explorer 9 pinned sites features to a WordPress blog.

Pinned Site is a feature provided to web developers by Internet Explorer 9 which allows developers to integrate their web sites to Windows 7 desktop. A pinned site, that is dragged from Internet Explorer 9 to Windows 7 taskbar, can interact with the user using taskbar jump list, thumbnail toolbar and overlay icons.

This plugin allows a WordPress site to have all pinned site features, that is:



Well if you are not running a WordPress blog or if you want to learn how to do it manually, you might want to check out this blog post at WindowsValley.