How to add Holidays to Outlook Calendar

Want to know when your favorite holiday is landing on the calendar this year?  Check your Outlook Calendar. The most recent version of Outlook – Outlook 2013 makes it possible to add Holidays and other important affairs dates into your calendar. All version of Outlook, old or new includes holidays for many countries and religions that you can add. It’s easy – so let’s see how we can add Holidays to Outlook Calendar.

Add Holidays to Outlook Calendar

To start, launch your Outlook 2013 app and click the File tab.

Then, click ‘Options’ in the menu list of the Account Information screen.


Thereafter, when the Outlook Options dialog box appears, select ‘Calendar from the menu list.

calendar option

In the Calendar options section, choose ‘Add Holidays’.

add holidays option

Instantly, the ‘Add Holidays to Calendar’ dialog box should appear on your computer screen. When it does appear, check the options for the countries and/or religions whose holidays you want to add to your calendar. Click OK.

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add holidays to calendar

A progress dialog box is displayed for a very brief period which after display disappears. When the Holidays for the selected region (country) is finished, a confirmation message is displayed. The time may vary depending on how many countries you have selected. When you see the confirmation box, click OK to close it.

Later, when redirected to the Outlook Options dialog box, click OK to close it. Hover the mouse cursor over the Calendar icon on the Navigation bar at the bottom of the pane. The current month with any upcoming holidays is displayed. The holidays are displayed as shown in the picture below.

Add Holidays to Outlook Calendar 2013

Note: When you upgrade to a newer version of Outlook you can use Add Holidays to update your calendar with the new holiday list. If you wish, you can use a Category view and delete the events in the Holiday category before using Add Holidays. Not essential, but useful in eliminating possible duplicates of older holidays. Now National Holidays for the countries you checked will be shown in your Outlook 2010 Calendar!

You may receive a warning that the holidays are already installed. However, you can ignore this warning (and click Yes) if you are installing the holidays in an upgraded version of Outlook and don’t have holidays for “this year” in your calendar.

That’s how you can add Holidays to Outlook Calendar 2013.

This post will show you how to add National Holidays to the Calendar app in Windows 10.

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