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Looking at emails regularly has become the part of everyone’s life. Our schedule depends on the mails which we receive on that day. Based on the mails we receive, we prepare tasks that need to be completed within time. There might be many cases where we thought of doing something after receiving a mail and we end up in forgetting it. It has happened to me quite a few times and I decided to have my To-Do list along with mails. I searched through web and came across this Google Chrome Extension RightTasks for Gmail which allows me to prepare a To-Do list as and when I receive mails.

RightTasks for Gmail Chrome extension

If you are a Google Chrome user and if you use Gmail in your Chrome browser, then RightTasks for Gmail extension shows Google Tasks beside your Gmail inbox. It places Google Tasks as the side bar to the right of your Gmail inbox. It is very easy to add email to Google Tasks directly from your inbox.

Visit Chrome Web store and install RightTasks for Gmail. Once it got installed, open your Gmail in your Chrome browser. Now, you can see Google Tasks to the right of your Gmail inbox. As we want to add email to Tasks, click “More” and select “Add to Tasks”.  You can also use “Ctrl + T” shortcut after opening the mail. You can see that the email has been added to your Tasks list.

Add Email to Google Tasks RightTasks

The subject of the added email is shown is the Tasks list and you can even add notes to the added Task. For that, click on the “>” sign which is at the right side of every task. You can eve add the due date or deadline for every task.

Add Notes to Google Tasks

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If you want to view the related email from where you have added this task to Google Tasks, then click on “Related Email”. That particular related email will be opened. There is also an option to move this particular task to another list using the dropdown “Move to list”. This dropdown shows the Tasks list you have created before and you can move tasks across various lists. “Back to list” takes you back to the list of tasks.

The “Actions” button at the bottom allows you to organize the tasks you have created. You can move the tasks up and down, view completed tasks, edit tasks, clear completed tasks and sort by due date and more like this. You can even email the tasks lists to keep yourself updated.

Actions on Google Tasks

You can even add or delete task. If you want to add a task, click on the “+” symbol. If you want to delete a task, click on the trash icon at the bottom. You can even Rename List, Delete List and Create New List from the List Menu at the bottom.

Create and Delete list of Google Tasks

RightTasks for Gmail is really a good extension to view your Gmail along with your To-Do list. It provides you the simple and good interface without creating any problem to view your inbox. This is really helpful who plans a day based on mail received. If you are the one who want to create a task based on emails, then this is an excellent tool to add email to Google Tasks. Go get it from the Chrome Web store.

UPDATE: RightTasks for Gmail extension for Firefox is also available now. Thanks Jon.

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