Add beautiful wave effects and animation to your photos with Reflet

Ever thought how these eye catching wave effects in the photos of lakes and seas are created? Well, here is an application that can help you create one. Reflet is a simple application that allows you to add a reflection effect to your images and also save the result as an animated GIF, JPG sequence or AVI video clip. You also generate an HTML page from Reflet so as to have an idea of how your image will look on the website.

One of the best aspects of using the software is that it does not come with an installation package and is purely portable. So you can actually carry this application on a pen drive and run it directly from its executable file. So even after you are done with the application there are no new entries that are created on your hard drive thereby not bothering you at all with a space or installation issues.

Create wave effects with Reflet

Step 1

Start by opening your test image in Reflet, remember the end result largely depend on the image you choose, ideally I would choose an image where there is an existence of water like a lake or river.

To add images, click > File>Open.

wave effects

As shown below, the image added by you will open with a reflection.

wave effects

Step 2

To start with the animation click < ENTER (on your keyboard), and you can see the rippling effect instantly on your image.

Step 3

Click on Options and you can  see two settings, SPEED and TYPE OF WAVES.

Wave effects


With SPEED you can change the speed of the waves to slow, medium or fast.

With TYPE OF WAVES you can change the wave type to short, medium and long.

Step 4

The “Images” tab gives you the option to choose the number of frames that will be built-in in the animation. You can alter the number to find the best output for you.

Make use of “Height” tab to adjust the height of the reflection / animation portion of the image. You can choose what suits you best.

In case you would like to alter the wave design, you have two options in Perspective and Regular.

Step 5

Once you are ready with your animated image, click > File> Export to save the file to animated GIF, video AVI, or JPG or BMP sequences.

Wave effects

The best feature of Reflet, apart from eye-catching wave effects, is that it is a simple tool that does not require any additional resources or large CPU memory to work with.  Easy to use, this tool is for even those who are not quite friendly with applications.

Download your copy of Reflet here and enjoy!

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