Accent Color Synchronizer: Sync accent color with desktop applications

Accent colors on Windows 10 are probably the best customization you can do to change the look and feel of your computer. What happens when you change or apply an accent color is the color scheme is set to all the basic UI and is also carried forward to the modern Windows 10 universal applications but the desktop applications stay as they were never changed. This may cause a mismatch between your computer’s accent color and the aero color scheme that is followed by desktop applications. To overcome this issue, we have a great free tool called Accent Color Synchronizer.

Accent Color Synchronizer for Windows 10

Accent Color Synchronizer for Windows 10

Accent Color Synchronizer is a great tool that lets you sync the accent color with the color used in desktop applications for different elements and thus creating a more appealing overall UI of the programs. The tool is available for free of cost and comes in a portable form. Just download the tool and you are ready to go.

Using this tool you can manually sync colors or opt for automatic mode, in which the program would run minimized in the background and will automatically detect changes in the accent color and then do its work silently.

There are basically two modes available to operate the program, basic mode, and advanced mode. The Basic Mode lets you sync colors for Highlighted Items and Hyperlinks in desktop applications and the Advanced Mode further, unlocks two more elements namely Active Caption and Active Caption Gradient.

You can create your own color scheme by choosing the brightness of foreground colors or by setting a custom foreground color for each system color. You can just hover over a color to know its RGB values. If you ever messed up with the settings, the program’s got you covered. Accent Color Synchronizer comes with a reset option that would reset the changes you ever made using the tool.

The tool uses some undocumented ways to get accent color from Windows 10 so there are two different methods to get the accent color if the default one doesn’t work you can go to options and try the other one out.

Accent Color Synchronizer for Windows 10

Accent Color Synchronizer is a great tool that offers a unique customization feature for Windows 10. The program is pretty easy to operate and works like a charm. And the tools ability to revert the changes back also makes it more usable. This tiny little application is available for free to download.

Click here to read more about and download Accent Color Synchronizer.

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