A case for an online malware scanner from Microsoft


  1. I have not tried it yet so don’t know how effective it is yet. You say it is a big download but other “Emergency AV Boot CD’s” are larger.

    Over the next couple of days I will be trying out out a heavily infected PC (not mine – a friends) to try and clean it out and get him up and running again. I will post back as to its effectiveness.

    One thing that is bothering me at the moment it the fact that this is an “exe” so must be installed. This could be problematic if the virus(es) block this installation. It would have been much better if it had been an ISO and then burned to bootable CD thus enabling it to be run “outside the OS.

  2. I agree. MS should go that route. Also wouldn’t hurt if they had an online Systems File and Security Permissions scanning tool for messed up systems.


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