Convert your favorite videos with 500th Video Converter for Windows 10

Video converters are everywhere these days, and that makes sense because many of us tend to take videos on a regular basis with our smartphones. Now, there will come a time when converting a video is required, and here the right software is needed. Today we’re going to talk a little about 500th Video Converter, a software designed for the primary purpose of converting video files into what you want. Now, bear in mind that 500th Video Converter doesn’t support every format in existence, but it does support the popular ones.

As it stands, then, this tool is primarily for those who are not professionals, but just a regular Joe from down the street who wants to convert family videos to show his grandma or his grandpappy. The big question is, then, should folks use this software despite its shortcomings? Yes, a resounding yes.

500th Video Converter for Windows PC

500th Video Converter is a free video conversion software to convert & burn video files, extract audio tracks from video files, preview video & apply visual effects. We like this tool due to its simplicity, and we believe others will feel the same way. We’ve used better, that much is for sure, but for basic video converting, 500th Video Converter is more than good enough.

1] Convert a video

500th Video Converter for Windows PC

The first step to take when converting a video is very simple. Just click the big green button that says Add. From there, seek out the video you wish to convert, select it, then click on Add or hit the Enter key on the keyboard.

Once the video is added, users should see the file size and the duration of the entire video. At the bottom, folks should see the options to select the required format and the encoder. Users can even change the aspect ratio, resolution, and the frame rate to fit their style.

OK, so the next step is to convert the video. We do this by clicking on the button that says Convert. Select the folder where you want the finished product to end up, then press the Enter key.

After doing that, the conversion process will commence, so just sit back, and wait for it to complete. Bear in mind that it could take a while if the file size is large and if your computer is below average in terms of performance.

2] Extract audio from video

When it comes down to extracting audio from a video file, well, doing so is super easy. Click on the button that says extract. Select the folder for the finished product and that’s it. Just wait for 500th Video Converter to do its thing and you’ll be fine.

3] Burn video to disc

Outside of converting videos and extracting audio, the ability is there to burn video content to a DVD or Blu-Ray. Be sure to add the preferred video, and from there, hit the button that says Burn.

A new window should appear right away. Type the name of the video, then click on the Burn button to begin the process.

Again, we should not that speed all depends on the size, computer quality, and the speed of the disc.

Download the tool directly from the official website.

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