11 interesting lesser know Microsoft Trivia


  1. Here is an interesting fact. Bill Gates never “created” anything but the name Microsoft. Everything that made MS what it is today was stolen or purchased from the actual creators.

    BTW…manhole covers are round because no matter which way you orient it…a round cover cannot fall into a round hole of a slightly smaller diameter. It’s a logic and reasoning question…and, like most other things, it was stolen from an IQ test that was commonly used by the military back in the 80s.

  2. I know this is from 3 years ago, and hopefully you aren’t still this stupid.

    First Bill Gates didn’t steal anything, I believe him and his Dad programmed Windows at first, and he continued all the way til XP.

    The second part about the manhole, and you accusing them of stealing a question, this article was using it was an example.

    You obviously have a huge bias and or hate against Microsoft and should not be spreading information as facts relating to them.

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