How to set up and run a successful Google AdSense account

Monetization for many, is an integral part of the blogging experience, and for a newcomer, it is very important that he does it in the right way. And Google AdSense is one of the most popular and paying blog monetization options available to bloggers and webmasters.

Google AdSense

Google has released a Checklist on how to go about setting up and running a successful AdSense account.  The tips have been helpfully classified under, things to do first, how to set yourself up for success, how to get paid, how to enhance your earnings and how to be an AdSense Guru by mastering your account!

In your first few days with AdSense, focus on setting up your account and making sure it’s running properly.  Read the program policies, Sign up for AdSense, Create an ad unit, implement the tags and well … start making money online!

Don’t blog to make money; blog to build a reputation. Money will follow! And do remember that it is only sustained blogging effort and quality content that will get you the traffic.

More traffic = More page views = More clicks = More $$$.

So stay focused on blogging quality content regularly, is all that I have to say!

Check out the Google AdSense Checklist !

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