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Click Frauds and Online Advertising Frauds

What are Click Frauds and Online Advertising Frauds

While most website owners struggle honestly to earn more from online advertising, there are cyber fraudsters that employ illegal techniques to make huge profits. This article discusses what are online advertising frauds and click frauds – and also touches upon related […]

New Panda Friendly Google AdSense Layouts for your blog

Google Panda update has, for good or bad, hit many a blogs search traffic. While there are many suggestions on how one can try to recover lost traffic, one thing not touched upon is having a Panda-friendly AdSense layout. Some websites push […]

Google AdSense Optimization Tips and Guides from Google

Google has introduced two new optimization tools and guides: The One Click Optimizer and the Optimization Lab. These two will help you to increase eCPM, increase CTR, increase CPC and consequently increase blog earnings.

Google AdSense Account Disabled or Blocked ? Read This!

Google AdSense is one of the best options available for monetizing your blogs and websites. Google takes issues regarding its program policy compliance very seriously. If for some reason your AdSense account has been disabled for violations of Google’s program […]

How to set up and run a successful Google AdSense account

Monetization for many, is an integral part of the blogging experience, and for a newcomer, it is very important that he does it in the right way. And Google AdSense is one of the most popular and paying blog monetization […]

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Google AdSense to introduce larger Ad Formats?

There may be good news for Bloggers, website owners, publishers and advertisers alike. Looks like Google appears to be getting ready to introduce more large-sized Ad Formats, in its Google AdSense program. This sure to give more options to the […]

Top Google AdSense alternatives

No doubt Google AdSense is the at the top of the heap, when you want to make money online and is leading the online Advertising Industry. But for some getting approved in this program is difficult. Or maybe some publishers […]

How to track your Google AdSense payment cheque

In our opinion, Google Adsense has advantages and it has advantages; except for one! Why on earth can they not use PayPal for making payment? Direct Transfers too are not available in all the countries!  They spend a good amount of […]

7 Google AdSense terminology that you should know

If you are new to Google AdSense than you may find it difficult to know what different terms means like CTR, CPM and Channels etc. Neither you will be able to increase your AdSense earning; unless you are good in […]

AdSensor Desktop Gadget for Windows 7 & Vista

This one may interest bloggers; esp those who love to calculate how much their blog is making them.  AdSensor is a desktop gadget for Windows 7 & Windows Vista that can display your AdSense earnings right on your desktop. AdSensor […]

How to request Google to reissue AdSense check

My Google AdSense checks used to be delivered quite regularly every month; till they changed the channel. These days it is being delivered via the DHL-Blue Dart route. Blue Dart has its office on the same road that I have, and […]