Access or move a window, when its title bar goes off screen in Windows

On occasions it may have happened that the title bar of your open application window in Windows 7 / 8 / 10,  may have moved off screen, i.e.. your application window slides off the desktop, as a result of which you are unable to move or close the window with the help of your mouse pointer.

explorer title bar

Window title bar goes off screen

Here is a simple tip which will help you move the window in such situations.

Hold down Alt + Space-bar and then press the M key too. Let go all the keys.

Alternatively, you can also hold Shift down and right-click on the program’s’s icon in the taskbar, and select Move.

You will see your mouse cursor transform into a 4-way arrow and place itself over the window’s title bar.

Now use the arrow keys of your keyboard to relocate or move the window.

Right-click the mouse when you have moved the Window and are done.

Access UI controls that extend off the screen

If you are unable to access some user interface controls that extend off the screen on low-resolution computers, try this.

Press ALT key to highlight which control currently has focus. Keep pressing TAB till the focus is moved to the control on the interface that extends off the screen and then press Enter.

To close an application, whose ‘x’ you cannot access, simply press ALT+F4 to close it.

UPDATE: If your Windows supports it, you could use the Aero Snap feature.

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  • lordfiSh

    or: press Shift + RMB in the Program in the Taskbar and than Move 😉

  • Matt

    Doesn’t work for me unless I can get to the title bar of the window anyway. Tried on an explorer window, internet explorer and Outlook. Can’t just grab it anywhere and have it move.

  • Matt

    Oh wait…I’m stupid. Missed the bit about using the arrow keys. Nevermind. 😀
    I do have to LEFT-click to finish the move though. Right-click won’t do anything.

  • Windows Club

    It does work 😉 tried it myself before posting.

  • Nathar Leichoz

    Or during the “use the arrow keys” stage, press any arrow key once then start moving the mouse and the window will jump to the mouse’s current position where ever it is.

  • Jim

    What do you do if the entire window is off the screen, and you can’t tell which way to nudge it with the arrows? I’ve seen some users who manage to consistently do this, although I don’t know how the window gets completely off screen.

  • Windows Club

    ^ I cant imagine that happening Jim. Tell me how … would love to try and see the options then 😉

  • Darren

    AWESOME Tip!
    I’m one of those who sometimes ends up with a window completely offscreen. It happens because I use a 2nd monitor with my laptop. When I disconnect the 2nd monitor and start up the laptop, some programs start up in the void where the 2nd monitor used to be.
    The Shift+RMB method didn’t work for one of my programs – move wasn’t an option in the menu. But the ALT+Space+M worked perfectly.
    Thank you!

  • steve healy

    really kul, thx

  • rud

    hey thanks man ….

  • Mat

    What about a window within a window? It is a taskbar that should be docked and has somehow managed to end up with its title bar off screen :( HELP!!

  • xaccell


  • Paulstelian97

    Whenever the whole window is off-screen, just press ANY of the arrow keys, and then just move the mouse. The window will follow:)

  • Bayu Murti

    Doesn’t work
    When I press Alt+Spacebar+M, it does nothing, tried to release the alt+spacebar first and it makes selection to Music folder (because it starts with M)
    Shift+RMB also doesn’t works, after click Move, pressing arrow in keyboard will move the selection instead of window.
    [File Explorer on Windows 8.1)

  • parreirawork

    Why not just use the Snap feature? make sure the window has focus (sometimes by gambling) and then user Windows+ArrowKey left or right twice or more.

  • Anand Khanse

    Yes. This was written for Windows 7. Will update post! Thanks. :)

  • Inet Kemp

    The jump list of file explorer and excel jumps off screen. I move it back in place but as soon as I right click in the icon in the task bar again its back off screen. Also the list of recent files are so long that the list is too long to fit on the screen, Can you advise on that please

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