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Fig 2 - Disk Cleanup in Windows 10

Junk Files in Windows 10: What can you delete safely?

Junk files are files that remain on your computer after a task has been performed. Sometimes, Windows or some program needs to create temporary files while doing some task and then forgets to delete the temporary files it created. As […]

share tab file explorer windows 10

Windows 10 File Explorer features and changes

Windows 10 is different and so are its components and settings. The File Explorer in Windows 10 comes with a new look and a few new options and tabs. It has a new icon, but the jump list is same […]

Cannot activate Windows 10

Cannot activate Windows 10. Product Key blocked.

If when you try to activate Windows 10, you receive an error message that Windows 10 couldn’t be activated, then this post may help you. Maybe you upgraded to Windows 10 or maybe you did a clean install of Windows […]

xbox live app

The Xbox Live app for Windows 10 is pure awesomeness

The Xbox App for Windows 10 is looking like a true winner, something worthy of regular use by gamers all around the world. The app brings to the table many of the features that makes Xbox Live unique and fun […]

Windows 10 for Business and Enterprise

Windows 10 for Business and Enterprise – Highlights and Features

While Windows 10 Pro is meant for IT Pro’s and small & medium businesses, Windows 10 Enterprise edition is targeted at large scale corporates and businesses. Windows Pro editions are generally used by professionals and IT geeks at small/medium businesses. […]

Things to do after you upgrade to Windows 10

10 things to do after you upgrade to Windows 10

So you have upgraded to Windows 10. That is great! There are a few things you may want to do now. This post will tell you the some important settings you need to take a look at & things you need […]


How to join or leave Windows Insider Program

Well, if you have upgraded to Windows 10, and now no longer wish to continue to be a part of the Insider program, then you can leave the Windows Insider Program easily via the Windows 10 Settings app. If you […]


Find Windows 10 product key using VB Script

This post will show you how to find your Windows 10 product key using a VB Script. But I have to add that this works on Windows 8.1, Windows 7 and earlier versions too. If for some reason you need […]

Windows 10 Review

Windows 10 Review – The Good and the Bad

Windows 10 is certainly the best operating system from Microsoft yet. The new operating system is optimized both for PCs and tablets. Users will be as comfortable in using Windows 10 on tablets as they will be when they run […]

Windows 10 Settings app does not open 2

Fix: Windows 10 Settings app does not open or launch

If you find that the Settings app in Windows 10 does not launch or open, or it launches the Store app instead, then this Troubleshooter from Microsoft will fix the problem for you. Windows 10 Settings app does not open […]

windows 10 ease of access 87

Ease Of Access settings in Windows 10

The Ease Of Access in Windows 10 lets you make your computer more accessible, based on your needs. You can change a lot of settings to make your PC work the way you want it to, and can be useful […]


Groove Music app in Windows 10

Microsoft recently rebranded its Xbox Music app as Groove Music. The Groove Music app now comes with Windows 10. One of the reason Microsoft has rebranded is, many users were confused with Xbox in the name and didn’t use as […]


How to use Windows 10 Maps App

Maps is one of the built-in applications which comes shipped with Windows 10. In one of our previous posts we had shown you how to download offline Maps in Windows 10. This review will help you understand the various features […]

Download Windows 10 Enterprise Trial Version

Download Windows 10 Enterprise Trial Version Setup Free

Microsoft has released a 90-day free evaluation version of Windows 10 Enterprise. The Enterprise edition of Windows 10 is aimed at large businesses and the features which it offers differs significantly from Windows Home or Windows Pro. While the free […]


Windows 10 Known Issues, Problems and Solutions

If you are ready to install Windows 10 RTM Final version, you might want to know if you may face any problems while installing or using Windows 10. Fortunately, the list of known issues is not long and is limited […]

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