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Feedback: Which home page would you prefer for TWC?

I wonder if you have noticed that we have made some changes to the theme in the last few months. Although the visible changes may be subtle – like the flat Metro-ish look, several behind-the-hood code optimizations have been implemented […]

Create Animated GIF images from Video easily

The more the number of people wishing to share animated GIFs across the web, the more is the rise in availabilty of such tools & extension that let you create GIF image from a HTML 5 video. Make GIF Video […]

Free password management

Intuitive Password: Free online password manager

Managing all the passwords on your systems as well as network can be a daunting task. This is particularly applicable when you have a number of apps downloaded on your PC and most of them need some sort of credentials […]

The troubled world of Search Engine Optimization

A site’s success and failure to a very large extent depends on its organic traffic. To attract such traffic, writers, in this case put awesome content on their website. But, just having great content doesn’t imply reasonable traffic. This is […]

Access your SkyDrive Files Offline in Windows 8.1

Earlier, SkyDrive was available as an app but now with Windows 8.1 update available, the app has become an integral part of Windows. You can now easily view and browse the files you’ve saved to Moreover, you can make those […]

Chrome for Business: Features, Setup, Download, Support

If you are not aware, there is a business-friendly version of Google Chrome browser, Google Chrome for Business. The browser has been designed specifically for organizations that require standardized deployment and safe management. It offers many network management features but […]

How to configure Proxy Server Settings in Windows 8.1

A local Proxy Server can improve the throughput of your broadband connection and at times even provide protection against malware infections. Therefore Proxy settings have a key role to play. These settings let a browser know the network address of […]

TWC Mural : Share and discuss your ideas online is an online web application that helps you enhance your teamwork, visually. This application helps you in building, not only an idea, but also some exciting ways to share and implement it with your team. It lets you visualize […]

Jobs in Google: 5 Steps To Get Hired By Google

A few days back, we posted about how to get a job in Microsoft. Because a reader via his comment, requested us to post a similar article on how to get a job in Google, we are posting it here. […]

AOL Reader Review: Free RSS Feed Reader

Google Reader service expired on July 1. By then, already a list of alternatives was made available for users to select the desired service as a replacement for the existing one. Many came as surprise drop-in: First, we saw Digg […]

What is Android Fragmentation Problem – Can Google Fix It?

Let’s not confuse Android fragmentation with hard disk fragmentation or any other storage problems. The hard disk fragmentation – as most of you know – are bits of files spread all over the storage device thereby making it difficult for […]

What Is Internet Of Things – Is It Good Or Bad?

What Is Internet Of Things? There is nothing new about it. You have been with it for past many years. The most common form of Internet as you can imagine is human to human interaction. That can be called Human […]

Hard Drive Failure & Recovery

The most basic and fastest storage system in any computer – mobile or desktop – is its internal storage. In computer language, it is termed Hard Disk and comprises of a number of disks – each with its own memory […]