The simplest way to boot Windows 8 directly to Desktop … natively!

As much as people may like Windows 8, most just cannot get used to the idea of NOT seeing the desktop, once Windows 8 boots. We have been regularly sharing details and tips about Microsoft’s upcoming operating system, viz. Windows 8. We had developed an app which could allow you to boot directly to the Windows 8 desktop.

Our said Metro UI Tweaker allowed you to tweak Windows 8 DP to boot directly on to the Desktop, disabling the Start Screen – but this tweak was disabled by Microsoft in its further releases. Maybe Microsoft does not want users to bypass the start screen – maybe they want users to get used to the Windows 8 Metro Start Screen.

We have earlier posted about how you can boot directly into the desktop mode of Windows 8 using explorer script. But not many may want to try it really! There is always the option of using the latest version of Classic Shell that allows you to do so.

Today, in this article, I’m going to share you a simple but working, reliable and awesome tip, that will let you boot directly into Windows 8 RP Desktop directly, without using 3rd party tool or using any script.

Actually I found out this way accidentally. I then searched on the Internet and found that no one had really come across it or written about it!

Boot Windows 8 directly to desktop

Well to do so, follow these simple instructions!

1. The core part of this trick lies on the position of Desktop tile.

Move the Desktop Tile and place it in the top left corner of the Metro Start Screen, just below the Start text.

2. Reboot your Windows 8 and you will see the login screen. As usual, type in your local account or Windows Live account password. Just enter the password, don’t press the Next arrow or Enter key here.

3. Now press AND hold down the Enter key. In a few seconds, you will see your Windows 8 desktop appear Thus will  have skipped Metro Start Screen smartly!

Alternatively, as soon as you are logged in and the Start Screen appears, simply hit Enter and you will see your desktop. You no longer need to search for the Desktop tile and click on it.

What is happening is simple, the Desktop being the first tile on the Start Screen, the click of Enter keyboard key, affects it and the Desktop opens fluidly.

Well, till such a time that another way is found, I think this might be the best way to boot Windows 8 directly into the desktop mode.

I hope you like this simple but effective way of booting into the Windows 8 desktop!

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