Zipbooks is a free online Accounting, Invoicing & Bookkeeping service

If you are looking for a modern web-based online accounting solution that is capable of doing basic quoting, invoicing, and accepting payments online, give ZipBooks a try! It just simplifies life. We have already taken a look at some free Finance & Accounting software, now let us take a look at Zipbooks.

Zipbooks is a free online solution that fulfills all your needs in the billing process. You can carry out bookkeeping, invoicing, time tracking and more. This cloud accounting service lets a business owner focus primarily on the business, not balances. It easily tracks bank information, credit card processing without subscribing to any plan. Yes, Zipbooks is completely free for use. Moreover, unlike free invoicing programs that experience button response issues or have bugs, Zipbooks runs smoothly.

Zipbooks Invoicing & Bookkeeping service

ZipBooks is free and allows Subscription Billing & Invoicing. The API, clean interface, and absolute user-friendliness are what has kept me around. Above all, ZipBooks dedication to customer service it truly commendable and something to be emulated.

Setting up Zipbooks is quite easy. Upon logging in for the first time, ZipBooks displays a brief checklist to fire up your account your account. You can create a new invoice or customize the existing one by selecting the ‘invoice’ tab and entering information about the corresponding items along with the specifications like hours/quantity and rate. If necessary, you can also enter notes for the recipient.

Zipbooks Invoicing & Bookkeeping service

Once you finish, you can preview the changes made. If ok, click “Finalize” at the top to email your invoice to the client.

Other important features included in Zipbook are,

1] Recurring Invoices: Recurring invoices allows setting payment reminders for those that have not been marked as paid.

2] Time Tracking: The time tracking tool is useful for individuals like freelancers who would like to manage their hours spent on projects. They can manually add time-entries manually, or launch a timer in a separate window. For using this feature, create “projects” on time tracking tab first.

3] Accounting: In addition to tracking time, ZipBooks allows you to track expenses. So, to find out any expenses incurred or link them to a client go to “Expense” tab and note down any costs incurred to link them to a client. It is important to note that between billing and expense tracking, ZipBooks allows you to generate two key accounting reports:

  1. An Income Statement that covers both, Profit and Loss
  2. Expense Reports

The built-in automation process generates automated outputs which help in making an accurate assessment for streamlining the business. ZipBooks also has great reporting features that generate a report of total revenue for the past 12 months, an expense report, income per client, outstanding payments, etc.

Go visit its home page to get started. Let us know your feedback in the comments section below.

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  1. John Ermias

    From my personal experience the most user friendly free accounting software out there is SlickPie. I’ve tried five other software before and this is the only one that’s intuitive and easy to use enough to meet my standards. Solid.

  2. John Ermias

    For me, SlickPie is the best free online accounting software for any type of small and medium business. I have been using it to track my company expenses, create invoices, auto recurring invoices to my regular clients and auto payment reminders to late payers. Awesome software for my business. Its interface is clean and organized. It also provides a Multi-Currency option which helps me to send invoices in any currency.

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