Best Xbox One Action and Adventure games

Life gets a little boring with the drudgery of routine, and we all wish we could escape to the life of a spy fulfilling missions and secret quests. That is the perfect time to enter into the world of action and adventure which video games have to offer. Here is a list the best Xbox One Adventure and Action games.

Best Xbox One Action & Adventure games

1] Monster Hunter: WorldBest Xbox One Action & Adventure games

Monster Hunter: World is an action game that lets the player assume the role of a hunter who hunts, kills, and traps monsters in a fantastical world of dragons and beasts. The game revolves around Zorah Magdaros and Nergigante, two Elder dragons and the Expedition’s fight to prevent the destruction of the New World. The game has a single-player feature but also supports a limited cooperative mode when online.  Find the game on Amazon now!

2] CupheadCuphead

Cuphead and his brother Mugman must set out on a dangerous quest to save their souls from the Devil. Their path is riddled with soulless creatures and King Dice, but the two must bravely fight on with the little power that they have.  In a series of boss fights, the player must try to collect coins and win battles. The game allows another player to join as Mugman in a two-player mode. The game is now available on Amazon.

3] Devil May Cry HD Collection

Devil May Cry HD Collection contains the original Devil May Cry and its sequels: Devil May Cry 2 and 3. This extremely popular combat game has Dante, a half-demon as its central character who fights demons. Through castles and planes in alternate universes, Dante tries to avenge his family’s death, save his accomplice, and complete other quests that are thrown at him. As secrets of his past are revealed, Dante’s powers are unlocked, and weapons are upgraded in the game.  You can buy this amazing game on Amazon.

4] Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is all about espionage and decision-making. It is a classic narrative of good vs. evil where the player can adopt techniques of combat, hacking, stealth, or even social interactions to proceed with the game.  The lead character Jensen must save a futuristic world where mechanically augmented humans have been corrupted by a terrorist organization. Jensen with his allies must stop the Illuminati before they bring the world to its knees with a bio-weapon. Find the game now on Amazon.

5] Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto V is an online multiplayer game. The storyline focuses on three friends and their crimes to get rich and stay alive. The gameplay offers a variety of actions and weapons for the player to defend himself throughout the complex series of missions. Players must adopt the role of any one of the three, and the game will unravel a thrill of chase, speed, and greed for money! Find this game on Amazon.

6] The Evil Within 2

The Evil Within 2 is a third-person survival game. The player must assume the role of the lead character, detective Sebastian Castellanos. The alcoholic detective must traverse through the nightmarish world of Union in order to find and rescue his daughter Lily. Before they are reunited, he is faced with monsters that want to obliterate human existence. The game allows different combat techniques to kill these creatures, but the detective’s journey through the Union is a truly a horror story of its own. You can buy this game from Amazon.

7] Mafia III

Mafia III is the third installment in this very popular action game series which is set in the streets of a crime-riddled New Orleans in 1968. The player must join Lincoln Clay in his attempts to form a new mafia against the Italian gangs. Even though the main survival technique is through gunfights, other actions like driving and stealth are also used in the game. This amazing game is now available on Amazon.

8] Assassin’s Creed Origins

Let yourself travel through space and time with Assassin’s Creed Origins, as the game takes you to ancient Egypt. The player follows the lives of the first assassins, Bayek and Aya, as they discover buried secrets and unravel conspiracies that might change the fate of the world forever. A player can choose to play the game in quest mode or simply explore the world which has many interesting artifacts. You can now buy this game on Amazon.

9] Sea of ThievesSea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves is a multi-player game that will let you live out all your childhood pirate fantasies. The game allows its players to take on different jobs of a pirate from a first-person perspective. Players will also be given missions to accomplish, treasures to find, and canons to fire in combat. Needless to say, groups will come across other groups of players while on adventures, as part of the shared gaming world experience. This game is now available on Amazon.

10] WWE 2K16WWE 2K16

WWE 2K16 boasts of the largest roster in the game’s history.  It contains up to 120 different playable characters and a bigger commentary team as well. The game gives a detailed WWE experience complete with arenas and championships. Completing goals unlock new features in the game including gear and accessories. The game can be played online as well. Find this game now on Amazon.

Did we miss any of your favorites?

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