5 Best Wolfram Alpha widgets for your website

If you wish to spice up your website or blog, you can easily embed one of the many widgets available at Wolfram Alpha. There are widgets in many categories such as computation, information technology, mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, web and computer systems and more. This article talks about the top 5 Wolfram Alpha widgets that I think will be useful to bloggers and website owners.

Wolfram Alpha widgets

Wolfram Alpha Widgets

Wolfram Alpha – All of Wolfram Alpha

You can find this widget under the “Web and computer systems” category. The widget is the best one available on the Wolfram Alpha website as it can do just about anything: you can add things; you can perform multiplications or other mathematical computations; you can find out real time information about any city; you can find information about other artifacts such as Eiffel Tower, Charminar etc.

It offers much more functionality and shows as much details as it can. For example, if you type a city name, it will not only show the state and country the city is located, it will load map for you so that you can see it on the map. It will also provide any interesting information about the place. Likewise, if you enter “2+2”, you can expect a chart in addition to the answer (see the image above). Click here to get the Wolfram Alpha – All of Wolfram Alpha.

Ask Me Anything

Another very useful widgets from Wolfram Alpha is the “Ask Me Anything” widget. This is similar to the widget we talked in the above section. You have to enter a query and it will produce an answer. At the bottom of the wolfram alpha widgets is structured database that makes things easier for developers to create widgets that can be used for practically anything.

Coming to this widget, it offers information when you ask it questions such as “What is Afghanistan”, “Where was Barack Obama Born”, or even “Nearest Galaxy”. This looks like Google but has a much more solid approach compared to Google search as the database types vary. You can get this widget at Wolfram website.

Website Visitors

This is yet another interesting widgets available from Wolfram Alpha. This widget tells you the number of users on any website at the moment. For example, you can type YouTube in the text box and click on Submit to know how many users are there on the YouTube. In addition, you also get a chart description.

You can use this website visitors widget to display how many visitors are there on your website. It needs a little tweaking so that the website name is set to yourWebsite.com. This is a useful widget if you are studying your competitors or if you wish to add a little thrill on your blog. You can get this widget on Wolfram Alpha.

QR Code Generator

A QR code is a quick way to present information. All one needs is a QR code scanner to scan the information. You can make use of the Q R Code Generator Widget on your business cards, billboards etc. Just enter whatever information you want coded and click on Submit. It will generate a code that you can copy to the clipboard using one of the screen capture tools. Once copied you can use it anywhere. Get the widget from Wolfram Alpha.

SEO Analysis Tool Widget

This is a tool that bloggers and webmasters can use to know where they stand in the search engine results. They can also use this tool to get figures from competitors’ website. The tool is simple. You have to enter the website name or URL and click on submit. That done, it will pull out relevant data from Alexa. Based on this information, you can further optimize your website or blog. Get the widget here.

If you have your favorites or have used any of the above, please share your experience with us.

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