3 Windows Store apps that help Teachers and Students communicate effectively

Teaching is no odd job! It takes a lot of efforts to teach, especially when students these days can be easily distracted by time killers like Facebook and Instagram. However, the same devices (Windows Phone in your pocket or Windows tablet in your bag) that distract you can actually be used as an effective medium for learning lessons in school or college.

Windows Store apps for Teachers & Students

Windows is increasingly becoming an educational platform. As such, certain educational apps that help teachers and students engage in learning can be used to inspire creativity in classrooms, where the makers of tomorrow reside. Following are the apps inspired by teachers and students

Edmodo App

Edmodo app for Windows 10 intends to lessen the communication gap between teachers and students by offering them a way to connect and collaborate even after class hours. The free app for Windows is designed with a full suite of features found on the web version of Edmodo.

Students can use the app to send notes, post replies, check messages and upcoming events while away from the classroom. The app integrates well with Microsoft Office so that the students can log in using their Microsoft credentials and access Google Drive or Microsoft Office 365 libraries inside the Learning Management System.

When you first launch the app, you will find Edmodo has an interface that is quite similar to Facebook app and borrows certain elements heavily from Facebook’s activity feed. However, unlike Facebook, Edmodo is organized around connections and not friends. These connections feature groups, which can be permanent classes or ad-hoc learning communities.

Windows Store apps for Teachers & Students

Once the teacher has created connections, he can provide notes to the students, create alerts for them or give assignments to them. Teachers are wrested with additional powers and therefore can do more from the stream than students. For instance, they can filter posts by

  1. Social proximity
  2. Authors
  3. Post type

Posts can vary from plain notes to files containing attachments and important links. Educators can use the stream to post assignments and even request students to resubmit assignments if required.

Based on the changes made or not, the teacher can grade the assignments in bulk as shown in the screenshot below.

That’s not all. Edmodo also features quizzes, which can be saved to and loaded from your library (Collection), or created on the fly. The process of designing them is quite easy. All the teacher needs to do is assign a name to the quiz, set a time limit for its questions, create some questions [There is more choice available here. For instance, the questions framed can be an MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) type or a mix of true/false, match the columns, etc.]  and assign it to a student or group.

Also, the teacher can send the copies of the question individually to a student or group using polls.

This way, this app can help teachers and students create secure groups that take learning beyond the classroom.

ClickView app

This app offers thousands of quality educational videos that are accessible through our BYOD-friendly video platform. The courses found in the app are designed keeping the needs of the curriculum in mind and are available for free as part of your school’s subscription. A good feature about the app is that if you are using mobile devices like tablet PCs or Windows Mobile Phones, ClickView allows you to download videos and watch them without an internet connection. you can also share them within your school or upload them to your personal Workspace.

If you do not belong to a ClickView school, you can sign up for ClickView and experience a free 30-day trial. This offer is only available for Australian educators.

Socrative app

Socrative is a unique app for Windows platform, designed for the teachers to help them pose a question and have students respond to their inquiry in real time. Educators can assess their students’ level of understanding by organizing, quizzes, quick question polls and others via Dashboard of the application as shown in the screenshot below.

Also, they can instantly grade, aggregate and provide visuals of results to help teachers find ways for further instruction.  To get started, simply register for a Socrative Teacher account. Your Socrative account will work with other Socrative Apps and via all browsers at Socrative.com. Download it here.

Use the Set up School PCs app to setup Windows PCs in Schools.

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