Windows 7 GodMode : Old wine in new bottle.

Suddenly we are hearing of this “God Mode” in Windows 7. We want to believe … believe in anything good about Windows 7. And Windows 7 has … gasp… a GodMode! I’m sorry to spoil the party but the so-called Windows 7 GodMode is nothing but a Master Control Panel and worked in Windows Vista too.

Woah, you should see Digg, Twitter and most of the social networking sites… going ballistic about the Windows 7 GodMode … talking as though it had just made a divine appearance!

The “God Mode” worked in Windows Vista too. It was posted in Neowin in 2008 and the credit for it afaik goes to my MVP colleague & TWCF Mod Ramesh Kumar, who when he did not have a blog then, had posted about it, way back on  WinVistaClub, (post now moved here) along with a FIX if things went wrong in Vista x64.

But sure, one must credit whoever coined the term GodMode, it definitely catches your attention and sounds much better than … yawn … Master Control Panel.

But hey, who cares, lets celebrate and spread the word … Windows 7 has a “new secret” God Mode!

The List of CLSID to open Windows Special Folders & the secret BEHIND the Windows “God Mode” may interest you.

UPDATE- 4th Jan 2010:

1. Happy to see Chron/Techblog set the records straight.
2. Also see Ed Botts take on this.

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