Windows 7 GodMode : Old wine in new bottle.

Suddenly we are hearing of this “God Mode” in Windows 7. We want to believe … believe in anything good about Windows 7. And Windows 7 has … gasp… a GodMode! I’m sorry to spoil the party but the so-called Windows 7 GodMode is nothing but a Master Control Panel and worked in Windows Vista too.

Woah, you should see Digg, Twitter and most of the social networking sites… going ballistic about the Windows 7 GodMode … talking as though it had just made a divine appearance!

The “God Mode” worked in Windows Vista too. It was posted in Neowin in 2008 and the credit for it afaik goes to my MVP colleague & TWCF Mod Ramesh Kumar, who when he did not have a blog then, had posted about it, way back onΒ  WinVistaClub, (post now moved here) along with a FIX if things went wrong in Vista x64.

But sure, one must credit whoever coined the term GodMode, it definitely catches your attention and sounds much better than … yawn … Master Control Panel.

But hey, who cares, lets celebrate and spread the word … Windows 7 has a “new secret” God Mode!

The List of CLSID to open Windows Special Folders & the secret BEHIND the Windows “God Mode” may interest you.

UPDATE- 4th Jan 2010:

1. Happy to see Chron/Techblog set the records straight.
2. Also see Ed Botts take on this.

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  1. Roxi

    So, Mr. MVP. Are you in this for the glory and the recognition, or for helping your users?!

    Well, give credit where credit is due… But, with people spreading the word you get all butt sore!?

    Nice, man. Real nice.

  2. trm96

    Hmmm this is pretty cool!

  3. Roxi : Sorry buddy, but I’m here neither for the glory nor the recognition. But just to set the records straight!

    There is no glory for me as it was not my find. But its folks who pick up things from the net, dont credit the source and sell it as their own to the gullible on the internet. That is what I wanted to set straight. The Neowin post is a pointer to the things that its nothing new and existed since Vista days, so whats this crap about a ‘new’ Windows 7 God Mode! If anyone is going to mislead folks, I’m going to stand up for it.

    I knew this would piss off some guys and was expecting someone to comment. πŸ˜‰

  4. Just Me

    Start->Settings->Control Panel


    Isn’t that the same?

    Good call on spreading the truth though πŸ˜‰

  5. Bob

    use notepad name the file god mode.reg,,,bam done,,lol

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

    ;Add God Mode in Bottom of Desktop Context Menu


    @=”God Mode”




    @=”explorer shell:::{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}”

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