More about Windows 10 Update Servicing Cadence

It’s been years since Microsoft has started releasing the Patch Tuesday. It is on the second Tuesday of every month that Microsoft releases the updates and bug fixes. John Wilcox from Microsoft recently published a detailed blog post about the Windows 10 update servicing cadence. This blog post will help you understand the context of Microsoft’s update policy.

“The updates released on the second Tuesday of each month are “the primary and most important of all the monthly update events and are the only regular releases that include new security fixes”

Windows 10 Update Servicing Cadence

Microsoft releases three quality updates every month-

  • Also termed as “B” release at times, Patch Tuesday brings the most important, primary updates and the important security fixes.
  • There is another out-of-band release from Microsoft wherein the users are suggested to update the devices immediately to fix the urgent vulnerability issues. The out-of-band updates do not follow the regular release schedules.
  • There are other two ‘C’ and ‘D’ releases too which come in the third and fourth week of the month. These are the special preview releases and bring some non-security updates and are intended for testing of the planned bug fixes to be released on Tuesday. The main purpose of releasing these C and D updates is to help the users test the major updates before they are made available to the general public.

The Patch Tuesday Update also brings in the artificial intelligence in the deployment process. The team at Microsoft regularly collects the update experience data and check which devices will have a positive update experience. The main objective of Tuesday Patch is to provide you the safe and reliable updates for your devices.

Windows 10 Update Servicing Cadence

Microsoft follows certain principles for all of their updates-

  • Microsoft makes sure that update is simple and predictable so that the IT managers don’t need to take extra time or make extra efforts to deploy the updates. The update schedules are kept predictable so that you do not need to memorize it and can align them with other Microsoft products you use.
  • Customer’s security is the first concern at Microsoft and their aim is to respond to the threats as soon as possible without compromising with the compatibility or quality.
  • The deployment of the update should be simple for both large as well as small businesses. Everything is kept transparent so that you can have an access to as much information as you want or need. This transparency also helps you prepare for the upcoming updates.

Apart from giving you the regular updates and security fixes, Microsoft also takes your feedback very seriously. The team keeps a watch on all your feedback and issues reported by the users and provides the required fixes immediately.

This write-up hopefully will help you learn the system of Windows quality updates and what principles does Microsoft follow to release these updates.

For further information on the Windows Update, head over to the official blog post or watch the video above.

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